24 November 2005

Ten Questions

The following are Ten Questions Puerto Rico needs to answer to create a more positive future:

1) Are We going to continue electing Fools or are We actually going to try to elect a government that gives Us leadership?

2) Will We upgrade Our economic strategy to the 21st century or will We continue to party like it's 1969?

3) Are We going to improve Our infrastructure (electricity, water and roads) to take advantage of Our population density or are We going to let The Fools continue to live off of Our indifference to its importance?

4) Are We going to start educating Our children to develop fully functional skill-sets and creativity or will We settle for a continued process of "shut up and spit back what I almost told you?"

5) Are We going to let the U.S tell Us what Our political future is going to be or will We stand up for Ourselves and create Our own status resolution?

6) How are We going to reduce by half the ridiculous size of Our government?

7) How are We going to provide full support for entrepreneurs and global-market businesses created or based in Puerto Rico?

8) How are We going to remove the elphantine obstacles that sit on Our heads and dump waterfalls of crap on Us every day: El Nuevo Día, Banco Popular, Verizon, Ponce Cement, Chamber of Commerce, Retailers Union, Puerto Rico Manufacturing Association, DACO (Consumer Affairs Department), teachers' unions, and the Department of Education?

9) How are We going to take advantage of Our bicultural outlook to form new connections with Latin American interests worldwide?

10) What will Our Puerto Rico be in 2020?

The Jenius Has Spoken.


Carlos said...

Excellent questions Jenius. Please visit my Blog site at:

I have some answers for you, I must admit though it might take a while to read them.



Anonymous said...

Is your Dad's name Gil?