17 November 2005

Jenius Skewerings

There are times when rather than being the launcher of verbal barbs, The Jenius is on the receiving end. A few examples suffice...though why they are being presented is a mystery to Me.

There are times when The Jenius refers to Himself as "an idiot." After several of those remarks in conversations with the steadily impressive Iván Merced, who always agreed with Me immediately, The Jenius said "The least you can do is take a few seconds and think about it before you agree." Iván asked Me to repeat My remark, so The Jenius called Himself an idiot again. (Very Jenius-like of Me, doncha think?) Iván pretended to think about it for two seconds, then agreed that yes, The Jenius was an idiot. My curiousity compelled Me to ask him: "Why don't you argue with Me about it?" to which he replied "I respect you too much to argue." Zing.

In a recent e-mail with the delightful Carol, from Texas via Louisiana, (or as The Jenius calls it, Baja Arkansas) The Jenius went off on a typical ego-boosting paragraph that included the word "bask", as in "bask in My glory." Tickled by the word, My next paragraph had Me writing "baskbaskbaskbaskbask" in imitation of saying a word out loud many times until it loses its meaning and becomes silly (or stupid.) Carol replied that "bask" repeated so often did lose its meaning, until she realized it made sense because The Jenius was "a bask(et) case." Zing.

A recent work session had The Jenius offering to help write a few pages of an important document that the hard-working José Rodríguez was putting together. In a moment of wit, The Jenius asked José "So you want it spelled correctly?" He quietly asked back "Is that an option?"

Floored Me. Cracked Me up! Practically bust a gut laughing. This is the same guy who frequently misquotes a commenter to these posts who called The Jenius "egotistical and self-centered." José believes the commenter called Me "egotistical and obnoxious."

Maybe they're both right. And yet, The Jenius does get a kick out of being taken down a notch or two by these flashes of superior wit.

But, rest assured, none of these people are on My Christmas list.

The Jenius Has Spoken

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Anonymous said...

Rest assured, We may not be on YOUR Christmas list, but WE are still on Santa's.... Carol.