06 August 2007

Three Questions...No, Four

My thanks to Janine Mendes-Franco for picking up two more Jenius posts recently for Global Voices Online. I feel honored every time.

Question The First: Given the enormous amount of attention paid by Our "leaders" to the local economy, why is it so weak and so utterly ineffective at fomenting and supporting growth?

Question The Second: How can generation after generation of "leaders" accept that 80-85% of the government's budget is used to pay salaries and benefits and yet they continue to seek higher wages and benefits for themselves in said government, while "selling" notions of progress, reform and fiscal responsibility?

Question The Third: Why are We, the people of Puerto Rico, so utterly indifferent to the deteriorating condition of Our country while also being so utterly indecisive about what to do to make fundamental changes?

Question. From the way most of Us act, it seems question is either an insult, a curse or an unneeded burden. To question is to think and to think is...aw, hell, what's the point?

Where's the question mark of Our society?

The Jenius Has Spoken.

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Aníbal said...

There must be some profound causes for our indifference, for our inability to question ourselves, for our inability to become indignant towards the status quo that drowns us.

I have to believe that something happened in our cultural psyche that limits our reasoning. I have to believe that there has been some cultural deficiencies that make us be content with having barely adequate means, barely adequate roof, barely adequate meals, barely adequate education...

I refuse to believe that we fail this hard on purpose.