24 December 2007

Reflection on Gil C. Schmidt

Since I launched The Jenius almost three years ago, I've been asked a couple of dozen times if I'm concerned that what I write here could cause Me "problems" in My work. After all, I do a lot of consulting work, which relies greatly on reputation, and the question implies that The Jenius somehow tarnishes My reputation.

I also do some consulting work with the local government, the crappy swamp misguided by The Jellyfish, Stupid Rosselló and his puppets and the rest of The Fools. People ask Me if I'm concerned that this might cost Me a contract or several. I shrugged it off. Even when it appeared that in December 2006 I was "dropped" by the local Justice Department after they called Me to explore My writing Federal funding grants for them, a decision that came after a big flurry of unprecedented gobierno.pr visits to The Jenius over a six-day period.

Is The Jenius bad for My reputation, what with My penchant for slamming Fools, picking apart idiocies, stressing the stupid and evil things that go on around Us and basically doing so from a position of self-proclaimed superiority?

No, The Jenius isn’t bad for My reputation. It is, however, perfect as a filter.

Yes, The Jenius often goes overboard in language and tone, what My friend James “El Gringoqueño” O’Malley calls “the blah-blah parts between the ideas” and what My colleague Carlos Torres calls “a rhythmic beat of negativity.” Despite efforts on My part to curtail that, it keeps coming up on these posts because—in My eyes—no one else is dissecting these issues based on reason and common sense. And when those two powerful tools are applied, even in the hands of a Jenius, the end result of most of what happens here is “abject stupidity and naked evil.”

Does this hurt My reputation? The Jenius is opinionated, often rational, explains His positions, identifies Himself, takes a stand and lets others do the same. This is supposed to be bad? It would be under a fascist regime—and We may get there—but in a so-called democratic society, these are virtues, not vices.

Could calling Rosselló Stupid and Aníbal a Jellyfish harm My reputation? Puh-lease. They are called worse by many of Us; at least I do it with My name and reasons attached.

Could it be that just by doing these things I am indicating that I am “different,” not “one of Us,” a sort of loose cannon shooting from the hip infesting the blogsphere with more ranting opinions?

Different? Always have been. Nothing wrong with that, except in the minds of sheep and bottom-feeders.

Not one of Us? In mentality and attitude, I guess not. But I’m here by choice, work and raise a son here by choice and will stay here doing that by choice.

Loose cannon, shooting from the hip? Compared to so many others, I’m actually restrained and thoughtful.

Ranting opinions? Yep, I rant and I point out what My opinion is. But here’s the kicker: Those who ask Me if I’m afraid The Jenius will hurt Me in some way have never—never—given Me any reason to think My opinions and actions are wrong.

As they say somewhere: You gotta base it on the source. Considering the mentality that breeds the question, if The Jenius “harms” My reputation, then I’m glad it does. I don’t need to put up with Fools or sheep.

Never have.

The Jenius Has Spoken.

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