07 December 2007

Chamber Pots

Here's why Puerto Rico's economy is in the dump and burrowing deeper:

The local Chamber of Commerce--litter-box of fat cats with mouse brains--trumpeted their 7 Steps to Invigorate the Economy, which boil down to:

1) Aim for biosciences, technology and services and away from manufacturing.

2) A new social contract blending work and family values for high productivity.

3) Encourage socially-responsible capitalism.

4) Make the government a true public servant.

5) Encourage a larger private sector that also aims globally.

6) A "national mission" to develop the economy that includes all citizens and social components.

7) Develop a vision of the Puerto Rico We want to build.

I wrote four paragraphs before blowing My patience: The Puerto Rico Chamber of Commerce is spewing bullshit. Utter, unremitting and moronic bullshit.

Oh, there's nothing essentially wrong about the sentiments drooled in their "7 Steps," if taken in isolation. But as an organizational "credo" these seven concepts are degraded to vapid turds in a historically-foul sewer. For you see, on numbers 1 through 6, the Chamber of Commerce has always--always--failed Us.

Who took the lead year after year in pushing manufacturing as Our economic engine, even when formerly-destitute rivals such as Singapore and Ireland left Us in their dust?

Who constantly and continuously fought against laws for flextime, professional development and extended maternity and paternity leaves, even to the point of restricting access to prenatal medical visits as part of employee health plans?

Who consistently and vehemently fought to restrict laws to foster investment as social capital for local firms while simultaneously bawling for that same use of outsider's funds invested under Treasury Section 936?

Who privately finances the fucking useless government We have now?

Who supports established firms by helping them block new ones (Center for the New Economy, anyone?) while cutting every economic issue into the same 100 X 35 mile window?

Who makes a fetish of exclusion at the economic and social levels, to the point where your own membership publicly declares the organization needs to "open its doors"?

The Chamber of Commerce is playing Pontius Pilate, first by playing a central role in creating the mess and now by cravenly trying to fob off its egregious lack of intelligence, vision and integrity on the rest of Us. Here's My response: Shove it.

As for "step" #7, that was written by a marketing hack and it clearly shows that the Chamber of Commerce has lost what little mind it ever had, for in revealing it as part of their magnum opus for economic revival, they show themselves to be so senile as to even be incapable of reading what they wrote in the first place.


The Jenius Has Spoken.


Anonymous said...

Is there a pattern to the times when these are posted?

Gil C. Schmidt said...

Yes. I "rotate" one hour ahead without regard to when I really write them. It's a personal quirk. I AM a Jenius, you know.