21 December 2007

Stupid Is as Stupid Does

Reported in the press: The top 10 senators and representatives--in terms of receiving compensatory pay for meals and travel--are averaging about $44,000 so far in 2007.

I recently went after these vermin and discovered that their pay scale, compared to that of other democratic nations and average income per capita, is by far the worst interms of comparison. To wit: Their salary is more than 4 times higher than that of Our average wage earner.

I deliberately left out the perks these leeches give themselves to simply let the fact of their greed leap at at Us. But on top of this "meal and travel" crap, let's add the other expenses these cretins cost Us:

---A vehicle, with driver.

---Personal escorts, whether assigned or provided when they choose to leave a trail of slime somewhere.

---Free cell phone use.

---Free mailing services.

---A fully-furnished office, decorated as they choose (at Our expense.)

---A staff of at least six employees and some have as many as 11, all of them on the public dole--er, payroll--and some making six-figure thefts every year.

And now, the kicker: On average, these parasites will miss 34% of their legislative sessions.

Thirty-four percent.

They will be absent one-third of the time as Our public servants.

Now let Me be blunt here: We are fucking stupid to allow this. 

Because as much as We gnash Our teeth and wail at the sheer insanity these disconnected-from-reality bloodsuckers inflict on Us, come election time We toss out the evidence of idiocy and march to the polls, head held high with party standard in Our hearts and vote these insufferable bags of offal back into office.

These bastards will "vote" themselves a raise in March, or maybe as late as April. They will continue to shred and rape Our economy, ruin Our future and play political patty-cake with each other, to the amusement of many of Us. And while they do that, they will consistently, insistently and continuously ask for Our vote.

And they will get it. Because We are stupid.

How's that for Christmas cheer?

The Jenius Has Spoken.


MC Don Dees said...

Classic. This is almost exactly the same sentiment I had when I saw those headlines. The only additional thought was to solicit everyone's help to see how many of the current blood suckers we could vote out in the next elections.

If we don't then it is obvious that we all enjoy being gang raped, which I have to tell you, I'm not too thrilled to receive another four years of the same.

Gil C. Schmidt said...

Bobby Knight notwithstanding, nobody likes it... Some people argue that kicking all of them out just replaces the fetid herd with another group of sub-human feces bags, but I say that's bullcrap: Kicking the current idiots out gives warning to the next group that the rules have changed. THAT goes a long way to making a difference (compared to what We're not doing now.)