09 November 2007

Catching Up on Stuff

During My recent 9-post solution series, a couple of items zipped by that I don't want to let get away from Me:

---Another 31 doctors were arrested in the ongoing "cash for licenses" investigation. This time, a former head of the Medical Examining Board was brought in, joining the most recent Board pumpkin-heads in their relentless pursuit of infamy.

Let's start by saying that the roughly 125 people under close scrutiny are but a tiny percentage of the local medical community. Therefore, they really don't represent the many fine doctors who serve Our citizens, nor the often-greedy cash hustlers who zip off this Island as if their next examination was proctological.

Between these admittedly subjective extremes lies a fair-sized gray group of marginals, of doctors whose avocation isn't really health care: drones who end up signing driver's license applications or working within insurance companies for shareholder profit or who move into health facility administration or those who decide to go into politics and let their cronies fleece the citizenry like Mongols on a war raid.

We can't change those marginals, but We can change how those marginals might mislead future doctors. The solution is to simply take the current guilty doctors, the ones who paid their way in when brains and discipline weren't enough, and throw the book at them so hard no surgeon could ever remove it from their innards.

Teach the current marginals--and those who want to be like them in the future--that crime doesn't pay. If We'd wholeheartedly done that before with the Fools, We'd have better government...and better health care.

---Speaking of the Fools, they are seeking a 20% pay raise. No, they are not kidding. These utterly ridiculous, totally useless, absolutely worthless bags of walking cow dung will vote themselves a pay raise that is beyond outrageous, it exacerbates what is without precedent in a democratic nation.

Click here for a summation of legislative salaries per state in the U.S. of part of A. Now according to this downloadable document, the minimum salary (as of 2005) of a local bag of cow dung masquerading as a legislator is at least $73,775. Only three states have a higher minimum salary: California ($113,098), Michigan ($79,650) and New York ($79,500.)

Now look at this list of income per capita, per state. (Go ahead, I'll wait.) Mississippi is the lowest, at $25,318 (in 2005.) California was at $37,306, Michigan was at $33,116 and New York at $40,507.

The U.S. average income per capita that year was $34,586. The average legislative salary was $37,877.

In Puerto Rico, income per capita in 2005 was $17,184. Meanwhile the dungbags were raking in a minimum of $73,775. (Committee chairbags and chamber(pot) presidents make over $90,000 and $110,000 respectively; all of My figures leave out per diems and multiple other benefits.)

The average legislator in the States makes about 10% more than a citizen he/she represents.

In Puerto Rico, the dungbag makes at least 429% more than the average citizen it so grossly misrepresents.

This nauseating legal thievery is the worst ratio of any democracy in the world. And what frosts My crotch is that We're so thoroughly witless as voters and citizens that We're going to let them get away with it. Again.

The Jenius Has Spoken.

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