12 November 2007

All About Me

Happy Birthday to ME!!

Before I go on about ME, I'll repeat Myself: If you are not listening to Keith Olbermann, you are missing out on the single truly courageous voice in the U.S.'s mainstream MEdia. Click here for an exceptional example of letting Truth be known.

Now, about ME.

My Thanks to Janine-MEndes Franco for picking up another one of My posts for Global Voices Online (and apologies for slightly altering your naME...)

I MEntioned several posts ago that Puerto Rico ranked 130th of 131 countries in the Global Competitiveness Report in category 01.08 "Burden of GovernMEnt Regulations." I snarkily tossed out that Hell was country number 131.

I was close: It's Venezuela, a country where the governMEnt is doing everything it can to take over every business in the nation. Only THAT country ranks worse than Us on how intrusive, infuriating, ineffective, inefficient and idiotic its governMEnt is.

Then there's this report, called the Doing Business Economy Rankings. Here We rank 28th...behind Mauritius. (Yes, I linked to it so you'll know where it is. I already knew, thank you.) Please note that in the category of "Dealing with Licenses," Puerto Rico ranked 135th of 178 countries analyzed. Who ranks below Us? Countries in frank chaos, those led by thug-based dictatorships or in the midst of civil wars.

Then add a recent banking "summit" where that industry called on the local governMEnt to reduce its size and reach in order to improve the economy. Uh-huh. And what does all this have to do with ME? I've been saying these same things for over 15 years. It's tiME soMEone MEntioned that and I just did.

While We're scoping about banks, Banco Popular announced a "restructuring" of eLoan. Funny how the entire article and subsequent follow-up pieces never ever MEntioned offering eLoan services for competitive loan and mortgage rates in Puerto Rico. Again, quoting ME, Banco Popular is one of the four huge obstacles We have for growth in Puerto Rico. Watch them slice-and-dice with eLoan stateside and leave its honeypot local status utterly untouched. You'll reMEmber ME when they announce their success "over there."

Another ME moMEnt: The Fools have dropped capital gains taxes. You might recall I suggested exactly that a couple of weeks ago... I know they did this good thing without My expertise, so a half-hearted woo-hoo goes out to them. The MEdia covered it as a "break for the rich," but they miss the point: Too much money tied up in properties slows down the economy, especially when overburdened by a hefty consuMEr tax. An economy is based on value exchanges: If less gets exchanged, the economy slows down. It's quite simple, really.

And how bad is the sales tax smacking the jellyfish governor? An editorial cartoon has him drowning with a huge ball and chain attached to his ankle labeled "Sales Tax." Simple, direct and months after ME.

On the subject of raising police salaries and "no money," I MEntioned that there was money, but only for high-paid sycophants, human vegetables and idiots expanding the public payrolls. One such highly-paid sycophantic vegetable idiot actually billed 275 hours of work, at $140 an hour...with all the work done in a 20-day period. That's right, this hard-working example of thievery on the public payroll averaged almost 14 hours of work per day--in December! His monthly bill of $36,575 would have almost paid a year's salary for 2 full-time police officers.

Like I said, there's money and then there's money.

Oh, and one final note about ME: This idiot's billing happened in the last full month of what governor's term? Hint: "I knew nothing, I didn't participate in any way, but I was on top of everything in my administrations." Yes, folks, in another nod to ME and My insights, please say hello to the one, the only Pedro Stupid Rosselló!

Thank you! Good night, Mauritius!

The Jenius Has Spoken.


James said...

¡Felicidades, Gil!

Janine said...

Ha! Very clever - happy birthday, Gil!

Gil C. Schmidt said...

¡Gracias, JaMEs!

Anonymous said...

It seems to me that you have forgotten to point out your age. Such an imperative fact could not have been left out on purpose. Dementia, is the word that comes to mind. Senile, Alzheimer’s take your pick. The fact that you are approaching half a century should make you stop and smell the… Well, you know what; at your age it is an accomplishment just making it to the bathroom on time, right?
How far you have come from the early days of playing with Body on the streets (notice I did not say “with your body on the street”).
I have seen your Blog once before, but have failed to contact you. I’m glad that you decided to comment on the current situation concerning the physicians in PR. I could go on for days on that topic, but I’ll tell you about me feelings latter.
Well, hope to God that by the time you read this some husband hasn’t found you in bed with their wife and made Corned Beef out of you. In which case, you wouldn’t be able to read this. Contact me when you get a chance so we can catch up on old memories… when I say “old” I’m of course referring to yours. Hopefully, you know who wrote this. Take care!

Gil C. Schmidt said...

A) I don't sleep with married women. That might even include My wife, if I had one.

B) I am not senile. I simply have frequent memory lapses and occasionally lose My train of thought when The Jellyfish tries to remake his past but I am not senile.

C) You COULD go on for days on the topic of physicians, but you were "Nurse J" on the courts (notice I did not say "in the courts") and I schooled you 14,738 times. (In 461 games. Do the math. Better yet, have your wife do it for you.)

D) Thanks for dropping by. I'd say I miss you, but I promised both Our moms I'd tell the truth.

Anonymous said...

Your email has changed, hasn’t it? Let me know where I can contact you. My email has been the same for the last 10 years, so hopefully you still have it. If you don’t then you really must be senile. That’s just a professional opinion!