28 November 2007


This won't take long...

Here's a summary of what We face as 2007 winds down:

---An ineffective, legally-hounded governor with no major achievement in his gubernatorial record.

---Two major government agencies--Economic Development and Education--in chaos; the first loses its director now and the other may as well be headless for what's going on right now.

---An economic slowdown that can no longer be kept away from the sales tax's doorstep.

---A manufacturing earthquake shaking the foundations of the shining "success" that bolstered Our jury-rigged Gross National Product; more pharmaceutical companies are expected to leave.

---A legislature (screw capitalizing that term) slobbering to raise its salary to even more obscene heights.

---A party primary between a mad dog and a lap dog. If the mad dog wins, the governor could retain his toilet seat of powerlessness with a legislature balking his every indecision; same as now. If the lap dog wins, the mad dog will most likely shred his own party to "prove" he should have been the candidate. Either way, We can expect over 10 months of political halitosis.

There are some of Us making a positive difference. But We face the above panorama--and much more--with a dwindling reserve of energy and a decided lack of cooperation. We can fix all the above, but only if We care enough to do something about it.

So obvious...and yet so often forgotten. Or ignored.

The Jenius Has Spoken.

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