04 November 2007

Education Solutions - Part 3

Completing My solutions, Part 3 on the misnamed Education system:

Make education the reason for progress, not the excuse: If I hear another "leader" pontificate about how "Our children are Our future," I will drop-kick a puppy. (Okay, a puppy doll.) The almost-constant hypocrisy behind that statement lies in the chest-thumping stance versus butt-flattening inaction. Education--to the Fools and those who support them--has become an excuse to support their agenda and not the reason for developing the agenda in the first place.

You want proof?

--What excuse was used to shove multiple lotteries down Our throats--though the money doesn't go where it's supposed to?
--What final excuse was piled upon a trash-heap of excuses to justify a damaging sales tax?
--What department is the biggest trash-heap for political butt-lickers and mindless vermin?
--What department has the highest single budget, the highest deficit and the highest loss of Federal funds in Our government?

We see education as a means to an end, not an end in itself. We treat it like a pimp treats his best whore: Plenty of praise so long as there's money on the table at all times.

The mental frame has to change from "Education as money-bagger" to "Education as opportunity-creator." It starts with this:

Refocus Our curriculum to create leaders, not followers: Here's the current curriculum in a nutshell:

1) Do as I say.
2) Don't question.
3) Memorize so you can avoid learning.

Here's the new nutshell:

1) Do with me.
2) Question everything to find your own answers.
3) Relate what you know to what you want to know.

With a curriculum like the first list, is it any wonder education is treated like a gaudy strumpet?

Place education at the forefront of progress as the system that builds individuals to forge a new society.

Make education the reason We alter Our government, so that it becomes a support system for leadership on a global scale.

Make education the reason We transform Our economy, to take advantage of the enormous power global connections place in Our hands.

Make education the reason We transform Our society...and stop making it the excuse that keeps Us from achieving the future We deserve.

The Jenius Has Spoken.

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