19 November 2007

Whacking The Jellyfish

I'm back reflecting and quoting what MC Don Dees over at Dondequiera.com has brilliantly highlighted. Seems that Our rightly-maligned governor, Aníbal "Jellyfish" Acevedo, ascribes to Us some superhuman ability to detect injustice when it is (a) political, (b) non-partisan and (c) the wrong conclusion, specifically about the ongoing federal investigation into improper contributions to his campaign.

In other words, The Jellyfish wants Us to ignore the facts and use "third eyes" to go blind.

Do tell.

By placing himself in the same sewage-swamped kayak as practically every other politician in recent (last two millennia) history, The Jellyfish has ignored--as MC Don Dees pointed out--what real injustice is. Because I see no room for improvement, here's the hammering list:

An injustice is when people are appointed to positions not based on their skill, experience, and credentials but rather, who they know, and how willing they are to turn a blind eye;

An injustice is not supporting the right of every Puerto Rican child to have a good education;

An injustice is not being able to live in low income housing without worrying about whether or not your kids will be killed in a crossfire;

An injustice is a local judiciary that hands down arbitrary and capricious decisions and regularly fails to uphold the "rule of law";

An injustice is when elected officials use their legislative power to buy votes;

An injustice is taxing the hell out of local citizens and businesses and then giving a week off to government workers;

An injustice is providing perks and escorts to elected officials and appointees while the rest of us get to sit in the daily "tapón";

An injustice is when the police are allowed to ignore the very rules they promised to enforce;

An injustice is to not enforce the parking laws and force the elderly, children, and those with handicaps to dodge traffic because the sidewalks are occupied by automobiles, including those used by public officials and the police;

An injustice is to take money in exchange for political and financial favors.

Hey, Jellyfish: Get a clue.

The Jenius Has Quoted.

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