21 November 2007

Vacation Blues...and Reds

Here's what's going on in Puerto Rico's government this Thanksgiving week: Bupkis.



Applying the kind of irrational, gland-driven idiocy that makes monkeys fling poo at peanut-toting humans, governor Aníbal "Jellyfish" Acevedo orders 53 government agencies shut down for the entire week. His "reason"--or what seeped from his mouth--is that this is a "cost-saving measure."

That's like slitting your throat to lose weight: Criminally stupid.

Before I give you the ONLY reason for this idiocy, here's the numbers breakdown:

--Roughly 80% of every agency's budget is salaries and benefits, which are still being paid.

--Disruption of services forces the agencies or other parts of the government's zoo crew to create alternative solutions, such as "provisional driver's licenses" and other stop-gap measures. None of these save money.

--Delays in government processes always cost money to the private sector. Always. But The Jellyfish doesn't give a rat's gangrenous ass about that because the shutdown is about...


Nothing more. Nothing less. It's simply a way to use Our money to sway votes to the red party symbol, in his spineless direction.

More proof: If this week-long vacation really saves money, why not do this in 2006 when the budget crisis was already an acknowledged reality?

Because 2007 is not an election year.

And if you think I'm being simplistic about this, here's one more nail in your head: The legislature, the same group of blue party symbol fetid hyenas who yowl at every move The Jellyfish makes, has kept quiet on this issue. Cuz let's face it: They aren't about public service--they are about votes, too.

The Jenius Has Spoken.

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