12 November 2008



It's that tiME of the year when intelligence, creativity, conscience and history coME together to celebrate ME and My ME-ness.

Just to get you into the celebratory mood, play this video. It's only 21 seconds long, so I can be patient...

I deserve the huzzahs, having successfully navigated the waters (hahahahaflood) of Life, the horrors of Election Year and the 16th consecutive losing season of the Pittsburgh Pirates to stand triumphantly atop Mount MEBirthday and cheer.

For those of you who haven't noticed, I launched Jenius Jots, which needs a subtitle, like "The Daily Newspaper for People who Read" or "The World as I see It, in Facet Form" or "I Read 2 Hours so You Can Read for 10 MinutEs" or "Now What?"

Apropos of it being My birthday, I do have a couple of anecdotes to share, from recent experiences:

The other day I followed an old MarriEd couple from a departMEnt store to the superMarkEt, a total of MaybE 20 MinutEs, simply because their every utterance was another salvo in an endless arguMEnt. It caught My ear when they started with oatMEal and who wanted soME, who didn't, how much there was at hoME and MEsMErized Me as they continued through curtains, toasters, apples, coffee, milk and the lunch MEnu. This couple had honed their fighting so that every phrase coMbinEd words, tone and timing in a Multi-layerEd attack worthy of a really uncoMfortablE one-act play.

I stopped following them after he declared he wanted to eat lunch, ordered her to check the MEnu, she refused because she didn't want to eat lunch and they sniped at each other, walking in slow circles between the bakery, liquor and detergent sections.

Earlier today, I ran into the doctor I visited 6 years ago and who, when looking at My cholesterol result of 340, asked Me "What are you going to do?" My answer--"Sell when it hits 400"--got Me a reMarkablE stinky-eye response.  I went to her last month and hadn't had a chance to see her after My cholesterol level had been checked. When I told her it was 207, she asked "Do you have a little joke for that?" to which I replied (I was forced to... really): "It's lower than My IQ." 

Her response MadE the first stinky-eye feel warm and cuddly.

A normal person would switch doctors at this point. I just called her office and MadE an appointMEnt for next Thursday.

I'm grateful to My family and friends for their loving support and birthday wishes and look forward to the pizza party I'll have later today. In any case, My birthday celebration usually starts in October and ends in DeceMbEr, so there's plenty of tiME to live it up soMe MorE.

Last comMEnt: Do you know what My favorite pseudo-scientific word is? MEME!

The Jenius--Me!--Has Spoken.


The Insider said...

Enjoy the pizza and your Q4 party. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey happy birthday... take care of that cholesterol, willya? Stress - stress - stress. It'll killya. Try some sort of daily exercise or sumthin. Eat more beans and rice (less the pork fat).

I'd hate to lose you, Gil.

GCSchmidt said...

I'd hate to lose Me too...

Anonymous said...

Querido Gil:

Ayer iba a llamarte pero no pude pues estaba ayudando a empacar ayuda para Haití. Estuvimos todo el día en eso porque para ayudar a Haití no se motiva mucha gente. Sólo éramos cuatro personas.

Por la noche comimos pizza para celebrar el cumpleaños de mi sobrino Pablo Javier, que, como te dije hace poco, cumple también el 12.

El 12 de noviembre de 1951 murió mi abueo y tu bisabuelo a quien le debes la C de tu nombre.

Hoy 13, mi madre hubiera cumplido 99 años. Así que noviembre es un mes de grandes eventos para nuestra familia si contamos que, además, Lourdes cumple el 22.

Bueno, toda esta perorata es para desearte larga vida y prosperidad, de la buena que no necesariamente está definida por lo material

Te queremos,

Anonymous said...

Happy Belated! May you live to see many MorE!

Unknown said...

Hope you had a swell birthday. It seems this was a momentous year in your life so its good you are in a celebratory mood. May the next year bring even more challenges!