20 September 2010


The first political cartoon re: caricature was figuratively the snake in the Garden of Eden. For all We know, the "maker" of an offer to "Eve" was a robed figure with a tricorn hat who ended up being portrayed as a snake.

So given this long tradition--one that had expressions in the Roman and ancient Chinese Empires, for example--imagine My surprise to find out that the local cow barn known as the Election Commission has declared that political caricatures are no longer allowed, that the cartoonization of public figures or public figure wannabes is now verboten.

Really. Censorship is one thing, but this is even more idiotic, worthy of a new term: censorshit.

The doctrine that allows cartoonists and others to draw public figures, mainly those in government, in order to get their often humorous messages across, has been long defined across time and nations. If you want to see how far We've redefined the doctrine, look up 19th-century political cartoons from Great Britain and the U.S. of part of  A.  Note how many figures were portrayed as sympathetic to black peoples or colonial natives by being "Negrified," and this at a time when black people were considered subhuman, thus rendering the person "less than human." Political cartoons portrayed Abraham Lincoln as a retarded gorilla. Boss Tweed was shown receiving bribes. British and French leaders were routinely displayed as murderers, thieves and even rapists. When was the last time you saw a political cartoon that showed a political figure as a criminal, unless they had been convicted in a court of law? Or shown as being less-than-human in these banal politically-correct times?

You see the point? Political cartoons back then were vicious, often deliberately deceiving images that were nearly impossible to contest because of the limited media channels of the day. Now, political cartoons hew to a more respectful line and compete with dozens of other media channels to create an impression of a public figure, the same public figure who can use those same media channels to create his/her image.

So what's wrong with Our retarded Fools that they have to whine to the Election Commission for protection from the drawings that awful meanies make and hurt their disease-addled peabrains so much? These thin-skinned amphibians are behind this censoring, making shit of shinola. It's simply another manifestation of how these cockroaches with atrophied sex organs have reached a stage where they feel they are untouchable, immune to daily life and society's rules. These amoral vermin forget--if they ever knew--that they serve Us, and that if they choose to launch themselves into the public arena, then they tacitly accept that their presence in that arena means they are fair game--fair game, mind you--to be help up scrutiny and ridiculed within certain boundaries if the person doing the scrutiny feels doing so is appropriate. 

What's next, full censorshit of any and all attacks on these vermin? No more Larva, Mad Führer, Jellyfish, Gluttonny or anything that might harm these intellectual and moral fleas? Puh-lease. Yes, Our political campaigns have become cesspools of attacks and innuendo, but the path out of that swamp is not censorshit, it's maturation. Grow up, you fucking freeloaders. Grow up or get the hell out of the arena. If not, then accept that as long as you're in the public eye, sucking on the public teat, making hash of the public's cash and being a frequent nuisance due to your often unbelievably idiotic incompetence, then We, as the people who elect you or those who choose you and are thus the people you serve--that you serve, fuckhead--then your are My target when I feel like it. Short of slandering you (and the law is pretty clear on what constitutes slander) then, as I have said before, you are My bitch. 

Deal with that instead of trying to hide, you pus-brained worms.

The Jenius Has Spoken.

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