01 September 2010

Lousy Relatives

Imagine you have a relative, say an uncle, an uncle We'll call, uh, Sam. Yeah. You have an Uncle Sam who's going to send you a cash gift, a little something-something as mad money so you can literally--please--go to town with it. But because he's sending several gifts, he sends them all to your cousin, a cousin We'll call, uh, Luis, or Marcos. Let's pick one, shall We? Let's pick the cousin that actually makes decisions.

So your cousin Marcos gets these cash gifts, that aren't for him, and Let's say that each gift is, oh, $300 or so. Not a lot, but a gift's a gift, right? So your cousin Marcos gets the cash and sends out a check to you for $60.

Come again?

Yeah, cousin Marcos writes you a little note that says he's going to keep the rest of the money--the rest of your money--until later. You know, for,uh, "your" benefit. Or something. Something.

Okay, someone has to say it: Fuck you, cousin Marcos, cousin Luis and every other flagrant thief in what passes for Our government. Fuck you sideways.

Now the basis for the cash gift cum stimulus money that the Obama Administration is tossing about is patently ludicrous. Small dribbles of cash are not a sound long-term economic stimulus plan (like say, oh, jobs) and in fact are simply an unveiled attempt to buy votes for November. That's crass, but there's a modicum of an attempt at helping others make a go of tough times.

What the local hyena posse is doing is beneath crass: it's criminal. Under what possible fucking legal basis is it permissible for the government to withhold these federal funds distributed directly to a citizen? Under the current "stimulus" package, there are no provisions made for retaining a percentage of the monies to be handed out, so where does this (non)administration get off keeping money that doesn't belong to it?

Here's exactly what I mean:  theft n. A criminal act in which property belonging to another is taken without that person's consent.

The only difference between what's happening with the Obama vote-buying cash and Our taxes and bond sale money since 2008 is that the thieves are no longer trying to hide what they're doing: they're just grabbing it and saying "Fuck you" to Our faces. They're keeping the money not to help anyone, but to continue their Ali Baba romp through Our fiscal rubble.

And the part that firebombs My scrotum about all this is that neither the money handed out by Uncle Sam, nor the open thievery of cousins Luis, Marcos, Thomas, Jenniffer and their faux-foes in the red(-handed) party will make not a whit of difference to Our local situation. We're no better than hammer-clubbed sheep when it comes to responding to government gone larcenous. We have a stronger response to a celebrity's plastic surgery than to having Our economic present and future raped like a Sabine. 

In the olden times, they used to hang thieves. Discuss.

The Jenius Has Spoken.

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