02 October 2012

Bitter, Fraudulent Medicine

One of the "series" in The Jenius, several posts related to a topic, is about the astonishing incompetence, hypocrisy and fraudulent behavior of one Yocasta Brugal, a walking waste of space at the San Juan Bautista School of Medicine.

But emerging as an even filthier latrine of incompetence, hypocrisy and criminal behavior is the University of Puerto Rico School of Medicine. In recent days, they hired--to a fully-tenured position--the youngest son of Pedro Stupid Rosselló, former asswipe governor, one Ricardo "Ricky Rat" Rosselló. Ostensibly, Ricky Rat is some kind of stem cell researcher and he "sold" the UPR on the idea of hiring him as they had no one with that specialty on their staff.

But thanks to Luis J. Villanueva, We have a clear picture of what Ricky Rat is, in a beat-down so fucking thorough I wet Myself in admiration. The lowlights: Ricky Rat is not a qualified researcher in any field, his few accomplishments are inflated beyond reason and there are easily 80-100 better qualified professors and candidates than the Rat.

Toss in that the UPR publishing arm will release a book by Ricky Rat and that within a month of his fraudulent and disgusting hiring he was given paid leave and you have a case where the Rat is not a single repulsive creature: he's part of a huge sewage pack.

Hundreds of UPR professors toil under temporary contracts for years, but Ricky Rat oozed right in, like the well-greased douchebag he is, to gain what he isn't even remotely close to earning. But there is one thing you can say about Ricky Rat (for now): he ain't no criminal.

In the category of "Hiring Criminals Any Way You Can," the UPR School of Medicine gives a job to one René Vazquez Botet, alias "Supertube Scumbag," a man who was convicted and sentenced to 5 years for fraud and corruption charges while he was working the aqueduct project locally known as the "Supertube." Two points need to be stressed here:

1) Supertube Scumbag is--ostensibly--a pediatric ophthalmologist. What the fuck was he doing working with an aqueduct project? Well, We know the answer: stealing.

2) Under whose (mis)administration was this whole Supertube scam? Pedro Stupid Roselló's. Uh-huh.

Last year, within weeks after being released from prison to house arrest in Puerto Rico, Supertube Scumbag is hired on a part-time basis by the UPR School of Medicine. That means that a convict--a fucking criminal bag of political pigshit--is hired to teach future doctors at what is supposed to be the premiere medical school of the Island.

You mean to tell me there was NO OTHER FUCKING PERSON better-qualified for this part-time teaching position than Supertube Scumbag? No one?

What's bringing this up to a boil now is that later this week, Supertube Scumbag is coming up for tenure--for the third time. Yes, the UPR School of (Fraudulent) Medicine is thinking about making Supertube Scumbag a permanent member of their faculty by violating due process, because, you know, criminals make awesome teachers.

If any of you get the impression that Stupid Rosselló is some sort of master manipulator, you might be on the right path. His two (mis)administrations are the most corrupt--by far--in Our history and nearly every major player in the current (non)administration, from The Larva and Mad Dog and Mouth Fart (Marcos Rodriguez, The Larva's pet retarded pig) and many others were part of Stupid Rosselló's fraud squad...including Il Castrato, the prison pansy whose convictions are now history.

How deep and wide and severe is the corruption on My Island? I've shown you a facet of the tip of an iceberg, maybe 1% of the visible 10%...and 90% buried in the shitty muck of what used to be Our Future. Hard to swallow, that is.

Bitter medicine indeed.

The Jenius Has Spoken.

P.S. UPR president Dingbat Jones, or whatever his name is, says he will not approve the nomination of Supertube Scumbag for a tenured position. Yeah. Okay.


ImaginaryForces said...

How do we expect students to want to become Professors, Teachers and remain on the island when they see crap like this around them? Nevermind you busted your behind to get your MS/PhD, this famous turdbucket is more deserving to educate the youth on the value of hard work and its rewards.

Jenius: any news about SJB accreditation? I heard that another school here may be on probation soon - any info on this?

GCSchmidt said...

The SJB is still on probation, like the Ponce School of Medicine and Caribbean University SoM. The overall scenario seems to be that the SJB will lose its accreditation next year due to serious financial limitations; the Ponce School could also lose its accreditation due to a dwindling of clinical resources, one of the major problems SJB had. Caribbean University could regain full status as they complete their upgrades in 2013.

As for the UPR School of Medicine, the only government-backed School of Medicine We have, it will most likely continue to be a scumpit of political chicanery. Especially once Rocky Rat starts his run for La Fortaleza in 2014.