01 May 2006

Triptych #2

Panel #1: Over the weekend, I got to thinking about...stuff...and I came up with the following list. In the days before iPods, We could call this "My Greatest Hits CD," but unless you're stuck on a spaceship that runs on nuclear power and can only play 18 songs, that ain't gonna work. So correctly putting Myself at the very center of this topic, I'll call this "The Soundtrack of My Life":

1) "The Twelfth of Never" -- Johnny Mathis
2) "It's Not For Me to Say" -- Johnny Mathis
3) "A Certain Smile" -- Johnny Mathis
4) "The Very Thought of You" -- Nat "King" Cole
5) "Autumn Leaves" -- Nat "King" Cole
6) "Unforgettable" -- Nat "King" Cole
7) "Crazy" -- Patsy Cline
8) "Twilight Time" -- The Platters
9) "Remember When" -- The Platters
10) "Blue Bayou" -- Linda Ronstadt
11) "Because of You" -- Tony Bennett
12) "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" -- Tony Bennett
13) Pachelbel's "Canon"
14) "Rhapsody in Blue" -- composed by George Gershwin
15) "Diana" -- Paul Anka
16) "(You Are) My Special Angel" -- Bobby Vinton
17) "Band of Gold" -- Don Cherry
18) "Don't" -- Elvis Presley

Almost all of these songs were created and recorded before The Jenius was born. How they ended up being the soundtrack of The Jenius' life is one of those things We don't talk about it mixed company...

Panel #2: Embarrassing to admit, but Professor Solomon, a.k.a. Mr. Find It, has been the best advisor I've found on the Internet in the past year. Mr. Find It helps you find whatever you've lost and despite My reservations to relying on some self-hyped guy's overinflated sense of his own intelligence, I noticed Mr. Find It delivered time and again. If you lose things frequently, or like Me, only once in a while but HATE it every time it does happen, then check out "Professor" Solomon. (What is it with this "I'm sooo smart" kick some people have?)

Panel #3: From the brilliant Lifehacker blog, an attitude adjustment everyone should make: Don't think like an employee. At the heart of this mindset is the concept of taking responsibility for yourself and your career, living with passion, aiming for excellence and just plain living well. Take a look at the article and go ahead: stop thinking like an employee. You will be more successful and happier.

The Jenius Has Spoken.

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