04 May 2006

Write Your Own Future Scenario

You'd think that someone who writes at least a couple of hours a day would be comfortable writing out future scenarios for Himself.

You'd think. Seems that when it comes to writing that kind of "personal future planning," The Jenius is more concerned with writing other things.

So here's the idea in a nutshell, to help you and Me make this a habit: Write out, in as much detail as you can, what your life would be like 5 years from now, if everything went your way.

Sounds pretty simple, right? It is. You don't need anything but paper and pen(cil) and your dreams. Then you add specifics to your dreams until you have a document that frames your ideal future. It doesn't have to be neat, or grammatically correct, or literary. It doesn't need to be shown to anybody. It simply needs to be.

Why is this so important? Because the difference between successful people and the average person can be directly traced--in a majority of cases--to the simple act of writing down goals.

Sounds almost stupidly simple, right? Well, it is simple, but far from stupid. The Jenius could give you several pages of rationale on this, but here are the key points:

1) Just by selecting goals you are greatly increasing your chances of success.

2) Writing them down is a process of focus, a key element in turning dreams into reality.

3) Once written, you can "see" your goals clearly. Try it and you'll...see...what I mean.

4) Written goals preserve focus, especially when read and reread, while letting you be flexible in adapting them to new realities.

5) You gain new perspective and begin to see opportunities that mesh with your goals. In essence, you become more involved with your Life.

6) Rather than being negative, the goal-writing and goal-reviewing process is inherently positive. And positive people are more successful.

Don't just take My word for it. Here's an article that could help you even more, from the Radical Mutual-Improvement blog (a worthy read.)

Five years are going to pass anyway. Whether you make them the best of your Life or simply another five years of it, it is--you know this by now--your choice.

The Jenius Has Spoken.

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