30 April 2007

Can't Fix Stupid

Pedro Stupid Rosselló has announced he will not be a candidate for governor in 2008.


According to Stupid, he had an affidavit drafted in 2006 stating he would not run for governor, but no one has ever seen it or even heard of it until now. The announcement comes at a time when Stupid marched out of a Congressional hearing because rules were being applied to him and a web of investigations is raising even more questions about his Stupid administrations.

But that's beside the point. What this con man with Tourette's Syndrome is doing is bypassing a primary--based on his iron-clad control of the party power brokers--to force a "popular" appeal to place him as the party's candidate. Why? Because he knows Luis "Head Beggar in Washington" Fortuño will kick his sorry ass in a primary.

Remember that Beggarmeister Fortuño polled more votes in 2004 than Stupid, that in fact, had Stupid not been--well, Stupid--the statehood party would have won the governor's mansion for Beggarmeister outpolled the Jellyfish as well. The party faithful--such as they are--are very much aware that Stupid Rosselló polarizes votes against their party, that another run by this rabid dog would do the party more harm than good and that even though Beggarmeister might be an embryonic jellyfish, he at least has the potential for attracting the few, but very necessary, swing votes needed for a win.

And remember that, despite Stupid's comments that he would "campaign for whomever was nominated," this is the same guy who limply chose a wooden-headed, spaghetti-spined successor, then got on an airplane and bailed from the 2000 election and its aftermath. And if he were actually dropping out of the race, he'd also relinquish the party presidency, as per tradition.

So rather than do what party regs and simple ethics require, Stupid decides he'll once again bulldoze his way to what he wants. At the party's general assembly, he will once again be the hypocrite, repeat being the liar, pretending he is out of the race in expectation of being "nominated" the party's candidate by "acclaim." What the party should do is accept the statement and leave Stupid Rosselló out of their 2008 plans. What the party will do is follow Stupid's dubious lead into a deceitful pre-campaign debacle.

Can Beggarman Fortuño stop Stupid? At the risk of repeating Myself, he can stop Stupid, but no one can fix Stupid.

The Jenius Has Spoken.

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Liliana Laboy said...

De acuerdo en todo lo que dices. Te felicito por tan buen analisis.