16 April 2007

Words For Today, Part II

This won't take long...

He denounced excessive partisanship, most especially when it took the form of political parties pursuing an ideological agenda or sectional interest groups oblivious to the advantages of cooperation.

These are the words written by Joseph J. Ellis, in Founding Brothers, about a certain politcal leader's take on what he (the leader) saw as a fatal flaw rotting the pristine process of national leadership.

That leader? George Washington, in his later-titled Farewell Address. Of 1796.

Two hundred nine years later, Our pathetic excuse for political leaders here in Puerto Rico and in the U.S. of part of A. continue to make the same rotting mistake.

A murderous moron's hyena-like cabal gnawing away in Washington D.C.; a jellyfish's limp-brained never-will-bes festering in San Juan.

Let's hear it for...Washington. George, that is. (For you statehooders, I mean George Washington.) (Sheesh.)

The Jenius Has Spoken.

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