25 April 2007


Former governor Carlos "Horse Patootie" Romero recently wrote about current governor Aníbal "Jellyfish" Acevedo that he (Jellyfish) was "the biggest liar to ever live in La Fortaleza" (the Governor's Mansion.)

That's like Hitler saying Mel Gibson is "anti-Semitic."

Said Jellyfish is currently playing flip-flop with the budget--no money, some money, enough money, maybe not enough money-all in a desperate attempt to wrangle concessions from his cohorts-in-calumny, the legislature, and find some wriggle-room for the upcoming fourth quarter of the campaign period.

Meanwhle, Pedro Stupid Rosselló gets miffed because he isn't allowed to continue acting like an autistic dirtbag in the so-called Status Hearings, walking away from the whole thing for being asked--asked politely--to keep his blathering idiocies presentation within the established time limit.

Add to this unsavory mix the spectacle of three-time ex-governor Rafael "Culminated Colony" Hernández Colón being coy about his running again for the office he treated as his personal travel agency and you not only have a clear idea of how utterly devoid the Colonial Status party is as to leadership, but also how utterly bereft the Beggarmeister Party is as to the idea of leadership.

A pot calling a kettle black--and this particular pot being the blackest of blacks--is not even close to being leadership, falling lamely under the category of the schoolyard chant "Sticks and stones." And getting miffed that the long-established rules of procedure aren't ignored for you, hissy-fit to the point of abandoning the duty you're supposed to perform, is stupid. Stupid doesn't make for leadership, for as the whiskey-guzzlin' comedian said: "You can't fix stupid."

Flip-flopping while in a leadership position has all the effectiveness of rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic, worsened in this case by the chair-arranging Fool loudly singing off-key about ice, no ice, maybe there's ice or maybe not. And as for the ex-captain sitting on foreign shores and making the occasional announcement, keeping the "option" open to return to the bridge, here's a quaint notion: Stop being coy and acknowledge you lashed the wheel straight at the iceberg...then jumped ship in your own luxury lifeboat.

Leadership? Governance? We have obviously established the second without a shred of the first. And We may be losing what little is left of the second in a futile attempt to demean the first.

The Jenius Has Spoken.

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