04 August 2008

(Un)Pop(ular) Quiz

Yeah, just in time for the start of another pitiful excuse for a school year, a pop quiz to get Us all on the same page.

1) Who's the bigger Fool?

A) The Jellyfish      B) The Larval Jellyfish     C) Any other político    D) The local voter

2) The sales tax is:

A) Useless         B) Stupid         C) A complete failure        D) The first step to a barter economy

3) Our local media has the brains and morals of:

A) An alley cat     B) A crack whore     C) Roadkill     D) Disease-addled mynah birds

4) Speaking of schools, what grades do Our schools deserve?

F)     F)     F)     F)

5) Local religious leaders have energetically avoided tackling what serious local problem?

A) Increased number of divorces     B) Rising murder rate     C) Corruption     D) All of 'em

6) Who has made a serious effort to tackle Puerto Rico's economic slump?

A) Winnie the Pooh     B) Tinkerbell     C) Bullwinkle     D) Pepe LePew

7) If We don't take matters into Our own hands, where will We end up:

A) Hell     B) Ninth Circle of Hell     C) The Deepest Pits of Hell     D) Fucking Hell!

8) An optimist in Puerto Rico is:

A) Insane     B) Doomed     C) A Jenius     D) Whistling "Dixie" in a Yankee jail

9) The solution to Our energy problems is:

A) Solar     B) Wind-powered     C) Nuclear     D) Nuclear bomb

The Jenius Has Spoken

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