01 February 2012

(Non)Government Becomes Civil War

Election Night 2008 was the rockets' red glare moment, the first opening salvos of what is now, without question, Our (non)government becoming a civil war.

From 2004 to 2008, with The Jellyfish sliming the helm, the battle was between the executive branch, """led""" by the pro-commonwealth party (Long may it waffle!) and the legislative branch, led by the pro-statehood party (Long may it grovel!) If there was a civil war, it was in the pro-statehood party, divided between Pedro Stupid Rosselló, the 8-year corruption engine, and Luis "The Larva" Fortuño, former "super-secretary" in the Stupid Rosselló cabinet.

The old vermin stood mainly with Stupid, while the new weasels backed The Larva. Basically leading each side of the internal civil war was Tomás "Mad Dog" Rivera for the Stupid sycophants and Jenniffer "Gluttonny" González for the Larva lovers.

Move forward to 2008, where The Larva becomes (non)governor, Mad Dog becomes the president of the (lowest)senate and Gluttonny becomes the president of the (out)house of representatives. With most city halls belonging to their own party, thus negating any serious opposition, the internal strife of the pro-statehood party irresponsibly becomes the true political and governmental battleground.

Time and again, We saw the signs, from Election Night's open defiance of The Larva to the back-room machinations that ensured Mad Dog and Gluttonny could make the defiance stick. Mad Dog always opposed The Larva, openly threatening and delaying cabinet nominations. Gluttonny, an erstwhile Larva supporter, has her eye on the governor's mansion and played cutesy with The Larva, trying to play both ends against the middle when she could. Each side dug in and looked for ways to outmaneuver or outgun the other; the rules--Our Constitutional laws--thus became obstacles in the fight to gain a political advantage.

The checks and balances between the executive and legislative branches were attacked and then skewed, for the ultimate goal was not government of the people, by the people and for the people; no, the game was now "Who swings the biggest dick here?" And yes, I'm including Gluttonny in the mix.

Then in 2011, The Larva expands the Puerto Rico Supreme Court from 7 to 9 members, packing it with pro-statehood supporters masquerading as judges. Proof? In a surprise action, and fully along party lines, the Supreme Court has changed its rules and regulations to avoid a special independent prosecutor looking into its finances. Said SIP was appointed by the Chief Justice himself, a man named by then-governor Rafael "Supinated Commonwealth" Hernández, i.e., a pro-commonwealth appointee from 1985. The 6 pro-statehood judges took action without the Chief Justice being present (he is off-Island at this time) and basically re-wrote their Constitutional definition.

In essence, the Supreme Court has now said "We pro-statehooders are a law unto ourselves"... just like they have in the other two branches.

What was the SIP supposed to investigate? The potential misuse of public funds by the Supreme Court. Yes, money...again.

An aside: when the watchmen and guardians are the thieves, who takes them on?

People, let Me make this clear: what the Supreme Court has done is basically a coup d'etat, an open overthrowing of the established structure of government. Period.

These 6 associate judges have taken their defined mission and function, shredded it and replaced it with their own version of "how things should be done." They did so without consulting non-party sources and violating any system of checks and balances inherent in Our once-constitutional form of government.

The reason seems obvious: the SIP was going to tear some of these justices a new hole. Guaranteed. Since the funds come from a collaboration between the executive and legislative branches--already mired in civil war--the judicial branch saw no other option but to try to bury the evidence and extend the front to protect entrenched positions. The level of corruption has co-opted those whose job it is to ultimately ensure said corruption is quashed.

The executive branch oversteps its financial and economic limits, including the use of clearly-labeled "extra-constitutional" machinations, to thrust Us into debt so deep Greece will be laughing at Our stupidity before 2016.

The legislative branch oversteps its legal and ethical limits to preserve the power of its members and extend said power to areas not under its constitutional prerogatives, undermining the executive branch and citizenry.

Now the judicial branch is placing itself above the very laws it swears to preserve, defend and uphold, extending party politics as a legal fiction for further undermining of Our government.

The statehood party's civil war became the statehood party government's civil war, with the inherent plunder and pillaging that war often begets. Every branch is now part of that battlefield.

Every branch of Our government. OUR government.

And if it takes a civil war to wrench control of it back where it belongs...then so be it.

The Jenius Has Spoken.


antigonum cajan said...

Juat can be add when the Jeniuus has written. Las palabras huelgan.

Anonymous said...

Cripes! I can't believe this stuff!

It's like something that would give all the crappy reality-shows a bad name.

And between la hente preciouso and these slimy (non)government(less) ecoli-turd (un)officials, it's hard to pick the real loser.

God Made Puerto Rico. Even atheists(bless their hearts) have to give Him credit for that!)

Puerto Rico is to be nurtured, developed, sustained and loved.

Not grist-ed away, through a quiet coup, like vulture-chow gristle!

(A reality show could generate back much stolen/needed funds, though. Just sayin'.)

But seriously, Jenius, remember the date. You are the first this year on earth to ask the most important and serious question in the life and history of Your island...

"when the watchmen and guardians are the thieves, who takes them on?