31 January 2012

Lethal Farce

How's this for juxtaposition just dripping with irony and a sitting duck for sarcasm?

--Our police farce--force, I mean--has been granted authority to use lethal force--no farce--based on their judgment of the situation.

--A convicted ex-nonrepresentative is placing conditions on his arrest for corruption.

The first element, a more "violent" police force, stems from an order that originated from the (non)governor's office, which means The Larva, which means Republican, which means We are looking at the same militarization and increased "protect the status quo" policy that is shredding the Constitutional rights of gringos up north.

How much more "lethal" do We want Our police to be? Over the past two years, 21 citizens have been killed at the hands of state and municipal forces; the previous 5 years, the total was 19. And for you estadistas out there, The Larva has been (non)governing the last 2 years.

With a police force so corrupt that it took federal intervention to carry out a cleaning-house raid, is changing the Rules of Engagement to "shoot quicker" a truly good idea?

It is if you want to intimidate the average citizen. And that's the whole purpose of this order: to make it harder for Us, the law-abiding citizen, to stand up against the police force's abuse.

You think criminals and crime-committing dregs give a flying crap about this new order? They'd piss on it, the police superintendent and The Larva if given half a chance. But to the average citizen, the slowly-rising tide of upset people that are making their voices rise above the chaos, the notion that Our already-trigger happy goons are now "empowered" to shoot faster is cause for pause.

Now on to the shitbag. Iván Rodríguez was dumped from the outhouse of nonrepresentatives after being convicted in camara of receiving bribes. And oh-so-not-parenthetically, guess what party he belongs to?

"Bribe Me" Iván was tossed out despite the fact that his own party dominated the votes and procedures, which given the sewage-level ethics of the estadistas means "Bribe Me" Iván was (a) guilty as hell and (b) too stupid to cover up for.

So what does this putrid piece of offal do when a warrant for his arrest comes out, based on 8 charges of corruption? He places conditions for his arrest. [Note: After the posting, I learned he arranged to be arrested with newspaper coverage beforehand. What a crock of shit.]

Now the principle of the law is that everyone is innocent until proven guilty, or if they have enough money, they are innocent until a technicality can be found to make them "not guilty." Everyone is entitled to this claim...but if you've been dumped from elected office by your own fellow thieves, your claim of innocence is moot. And since you're just a citizen even when you were an elected official, you don't set conditions for your arrest: you either show up or you get taken when caught. 

Conditions? Here's your condition, "Bribe Me" Iván: you're going to jail. Period.

Juxtaposing a little here, for the sake of fun, why don't We let the police go ahead and implement their new "lethal force" order on "Bribe Me" Iván?

Oh, I forgot: the police are just as corrupt as the estadistas. My bad. Moving on.

The Jenius Has Spoken.


Kofla Olivieri said...

Rumor has it he will be our next police commissioner, lol What a bunch of crooks.

Cora said...

Puerto Rico should follow what Brazil is successfully doing with their drug wars; UPP.