30 January 2012

What's Spanish for "Thief"? Estadista

The list keeps growing. Of the latest, a few lowlights:

Juan Rivera Guerra, nonrepresentative, admits to illegally building two houses, stealing power and water for years and not paying taxes on the properties.

Glorimari "Gorila Rim" Jaime, mayorass, I mean mayoress of Guayama, also owes thousands in back taxes on properties.

So does nonrepresentative Waldemar"A(hole)" Quiles.

The common link--aside from their propensity for greed, fraud and graft--is that they are all members of the New Progressive Party (which, I repeat, is none of the three). The NPP--Numerous Political Pilferers--are the stalwart brown-noses for statehood, shuffling mumbling squatting rejectors of dignity and national pride, forever acting like a creaky musty old whore pursuing a dreamy future with a suitor she repeatedly tries to pickpocket while begging on her knees and in the odd moment when the suitor can't stand her anymore he tosses a sawbuck in the dirt for the overly-painted drooling strumpet to get wet over as she scrabbles gibbering to secure it before anyone notices.

Am I painting a picture here?

It was said that the Pedro Stupid Rosselló (mis)administrations of 1992-2000 were the most corrupt in Our history. In total, 26 highly-placed elected, government or Numbnut Pandering Pickpocket members were brought up and charges and found guilty, including the president of the outhouse of nonrepresentatives and vice-president of the senate, the noneducation secretary, the general secretary of the Nanosized Penile Pundits, the leading aide to Stupid Rosselló AND his fucking campaign manager, amongst 20 others in the legislature, cabinet (screw capital letters) and party hierarchy.

(That's why Rosselló is forever Stupid here: ALL that corruption, in his fuck(ing) face, over 8 years and yet, he "knew nothing" about it. Stupid as shit. Or a lying sack of shit. I go with Stupid, to annoy his followers: they love liars.)

But since 2000, especially since 2004, the Nincompoop Pus Pimples have systematized their theft, simultaneously expanding their reach while reducing their exposure, to the point now where "fringe" elements of this prick pack (We can call them pendejos, for a bilingual pun) are thinking they can get away with whatever they want.

Like building houses without permits. Like stealing thousands of dollars worth of power and water. Like not paying taxes. Like cohorting with drug dealers under the guise of "community relations." Like creating dangerous public projects to funnel money to cronies. Like taking money for any reason except actually working legally.

What We're seeing here is the slip, the "oops factor," the so fucking-dumb-they-make-shit-look-smart attitude that led to the downfall of a weasel, Jorge Il Castrao De Castro, so deep in his own pile of crap that the Keppler telescope can only see the stench fumes.

What We aren't seeing is the polished sewer the Nightsoil Plundering Prevaricators have created, running deep and wide…or are We?

--The F.B.I. raids Our police force and asks the federal Justice Department to investigate its corruption; Justice agrees.

--The federal government cracks down again and again on Our (mis)education department, where millions of dollars are disappearing again and again.

--Our Supreme Court is being investigated.

--And a petition to have Congress investigate corruption in Our senate, as well as asking the President to look at Our """Justice Department""" is making its way up to 25,000 signatures.

Some signs are small: the company selected to royally fuck up the Guánica Dry Forest has experience ONLY in managing audiotours in Old San Juan. And even that they don't do well.

Some signs are big: the GasoDildo project, despite being rejected by the Corps of Engineers, failing to adequately complete ecological studies and failing to show it is actually a solution to anybody's energy woes, continues the profiteering-disguised-as-expropriation process.

Are there thieves in the other major party, the Popular Democratic Party (again, none of the three)? Of course there are. Wasn't their latest (non)governor Aníbal "The Jellyfish" Acevedo brought up on fraud charges while he was (non)governor? (That he ended up "not guilty" is a minor point, spineless commonwealthers, or have you forgotten that Stupid has yet to have charges pressed against him?)

Thieves abound in the Pusillanimous Dickweed Pantywaists, but they have two differences: they get caught less and they have yet to create a large elaborate system to rape Our pockets, Our present and Our future. Not that they haven't tried: it's just that they haven't """succeeded""" to the extent the Naturally Parasitic Pricks have.

We do have a solution to this unprecedented level of chicanery, fraud, graft, plundering, embezzlement, abuse and stealing: the voting booth.

But given what We do there, let Me give you another translation to join "thief = estadista": "voting booth = letrina."

The Jenius Has Spoken.


Kofla Olivieri said...

Jaja, very well said. Too bad the kool-aid drinkers are not listening and will continue to repeat the same mistake, over and over again, by voting for the same corrupt thieves.

Every day in the local media people bitch and complain, they demand change. Yet, when it counts, they re-elect members of the two political parties that blatantly and openly, for decades, continue to pillage our island.

GCSchmidt said...

I keep insisting, Kofla, that a "Get Out!' movement would find serious traction this year. I can see "¡Pa' Fuera!" banners all over the place, though in My mind, they all say "¡Pa' Fuera, Coño!"

Thanks for keeping in touch. Why haven't We met in person?