20 January 2012

Fun With Economics!

It's Friday, Friday, Friday, and now that I've dumped that earworm in your head for several hours, here's a bitter pill of economic information about My Island.

How screwed are We? On a scale of 1 to 10, about a 9.5. And that's not My opinion, but that of the Center for New Economy, a puppet of Old Economy interests, that occasionally drops data on Our heads. This simple chart, apparently created by CNE Executive Director Sergio Marxuach, traces the amount Our Larval (non)government budget pays in debt service (bonds, junk bonds), seen in pink, and how much of the budget is now being invested in "permanent improvements":

Roughly, the ratio is now 3-to-1 debt service over government investment in crooks, thieves and assorted other vermin, a.k.a., the GasoDildo Gang and ilk.


In Our subjugated economy, the only strong method of boosting growth is government-led construction...IF aimed more at true public improvement rather than private enrichment. In this cockroach-frenzy corruption-fest of a (non)government, 3 dollars are going out of Our economy for roughly every dollar practically stolen in queer-as-hell deals. Our debt limit has been reached, so We're facing issuing future debt to pay current debt and the private sector is not receiving investment, either. I'm no economist, but that doesn't sound like a formula that could build national wealth in a million years. And it all starts with not managing debt properly, creating it now (for short-term personal gains) in exchange for an increasingly-iffy future...that the verminous parasites don't give a shit about.

However, Let's be fair here. It isn't only one party at fault. Statehooders may be perfecting the "politics of plunder," but the commonwealth party has often been the initiator and willing partner in crime. (Independentistas used to do their share, but now they're on the Olympic Plan: every 4 years they show up for 2 weeks, make a lot of noise and then vanish.)

Plenty of blame to spread around; We're just seeing the end result of a parasitic gang mentality pushing Our economic future deeper into a latrine in order to plunder the few thin veins of gold flakes left. To blame The Larva and its ilk for where We (yes, I called him an "it"; 'bout time) are is like blaming pneumonia for killing a cancer-stricken patient: yeah, the pneumonia could have been avoided, but the patient was already in bad straits.

And yet.

We. Are. The. Patient. 

But We act like We aren't. Fool Me once, shame on you. Fool Me every day for 40+ years...


Fun with economics. On Friday, Friday, Friday...

The Jenius Has Spoken.


David said...

Got to thank Prometeo for helping me discover this badass blog. About this entry, we're indeed headed for the precipice and stepping on the gas like madmen. Part of the problem is that a lot believe in divine intervention in the shape of the US saving our ass. Deus ex machina may work in movies and other fiction. In the real world, it's more like swim or drown. I mean, we've been kind of floating for decades, but that can't last forever. The patient's problem is one of delusions, hallucinations.

GCSchmidt said...

Hey David, thanks for the "badass"! Aimin' to please!

You're right about Our hell-bent-for-the-cliff looming disaster We live in. We're deluded if We keep believing. hoping, praying that someone is going to save Our asses. If We don't do it, We'll reap the sorry results Ourselves...every one.