11 January 2012

One Vote, One Bullet

Somebody needs to get shot.

A man builds not one, but two houses, without the proper permits. At both houses, he has been receiving electrical and water services for years without a legal hookup...and without paying for the services. He has never paid property taxes on either house. Bad stuff, huh?

He admits all this. I said: He admits all this in public. Accepts that he has done these things and broken the law. And he, Luis "Slimy Tumbleweed" Rivera is a member of Our (Out)house of (Non)representatives. Worse stuff of all, right?

Wrong. This bag of shit, who OBVIOUSLY belongs to the statehood party, has just had his """Ethics Commission""" investigation...dropped. Dropped, I said. Nothing to see here. Move along.

Apparently the fat tub of goo (yes, that's a personal insult: fuck it) called Liza "Fat Tub of Goo" Fernández, chairperson (or with her size, sofaperson) of the unethics commission and OBVIOUSLY a member of the statehood party decided that what Slimy Tumbleweed had done, what with no permits for two houses and getting free power and water for years and not paying taxes, well, that's all copacetic. That he is a member of the highest-paid and least-valuable legislature in the freaking free world and thus SHOULD be held to a higher standard is, to the Fat Tub of Goo, irrelevant. She can't stand to see a standard just like she can't see her feet when standing.


There are no standards. Fuckers like Slimy Tumbleweed, whose main claim to fame so far was rolling along the pavement after being hit by a car (thus, his sobriquet) can flout the laws over and over and over and over and over again, and then again and again and again and again, and as long as they are part of the Inner Circle-Jerk of Ass-Sucking Slimebags known as the """New Progressive Party leadership,""" they will get out of trouble...as long as its with local """authorities."""

Luis the Freeloader, who was most likely impotent and retarded (yes, that's a personal insult: fuck him for being a crook) before he turned into pre-roadkill is one of too many in Our (non)government who need to be told: "One vote, one bullet. Choose."

What I'm saying here is that We MUST hold these shitbags accountable and if We're not going to do it with votes, then I'm saying We consider doing it with bullets.

Bad taste, Jenius. Too many murders on this Island, too much violence and you're tossing out this piece of demagoguery?

It isn't demagoguery because I'm not making a false claim, a promise or seeking power. I'm saying this: Unless We stop these motherfucking bastards in BOTH parties, they will continue to rape Us. And We can stop them with votes...or violence.

But what about non-violence, peaceful protests, Gandhi and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.?

What about them? Wonderful ideals, great concepts, heroic leaders...but whacking a few of these motherfucking bastards will change things instantly. We've run out of time for patience and soft-selling solutions. And We can whack them at the voting booth, nonviolently, peacefully, instantly.

Think about it: Two houses, NO permits, STOLEN power and water services for years, NO taxes paid for years, a representative of the people...and NO charges, NO investigation, NO punishment.

Do you have two houses? Free power and water? Don't have to pay taxes? THEN WHY SHOULD HE?

Slimy Tumbleweed as a human being is worth less than the shit I scrape off My shoe. He's a thief, a liar and a panderer. And if I had to choose between running him over or avoiding a dead dog on the road, I'd avoid the dead dog and gun it. The engine, I mean. I think I mean the engine...

But then, that's Me. I'm fed up with all this crap. So I'm making it very clear: One vote, or one bullet. It's time We picked one to make the change.

To quote John Kennedy: Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.

The Jenius Has Spoken.


Sad (ch)ap(t) said...

This, article/story/nightmare actually physically hurt to finish reading.

Your islands Heart is slowly being consumed and inhumed.

This Inner Circle-Jerk of Ass-Sucking Slimebags known as the """New Progressive Party leadership,""" seems like a leach kingdom.

And Your island is, "the damned".

And, everybody, this parasite is not only a crook and a 'blackard', he (non)works for you.

He's your (Non)representative!

He (non)rep(resents) you!

He's like a rash that also makes you bleed.

(Slurp, slake, gulp, burp, fart, etc.)

I vote for one bullet.

The engine, I mean. I think I mean the engine...

Sadly, Apt

Oh Yeah, "She can't stand to see a standard just like she can't see her feet when standing.", almost injured me guffawing out of a chair.

Still sad.

(un)Apt(ly) misspelling... said...

Sorry, that's spelled, L-E-E-C-H.

(I sometimes misspell when I'm in pain.)

Aptly hurting...

GCSchmidt said...

You see the ugly truth, Apt. And don't worry too much about the misspelling: leeches can't read.