25 January 2012

"Get Out!" Movement, Part 2

This won't take long...

The basic idea of My "Get Out!" Movement is to punt political parasites out of their cushy tushy-kissing moronic excuses for """jobs""" and make way for a (hopefully) new crop of less-egregious parasites. Now Puerto Rico being Puerto Rico (tautologies suck, but I'm stressing a point here), any name on a "Get Out!" list will be seen through party-politics prisms.

Not good, because as We've seen for decades, My Brethren vote under the notion of "He might be a fucking crook, but he's MY party's fucking crook." In other words, We vote stupid.

Hence, the "Get Out!" Movement. I placed 3 criteria on who to kick out: legislators in key positions (presidents, vicepresidents, etc. of their respective (fart)gas chambers); legislators with more than 12 years of bloodsucking """service""" and mayors who have also spent 12+ years living high off Our pig-stupid voting.

One more thing is needed: a centralized website that does the following:

A) Identifies the "Get Out!" targets under the specified criteria.

B) Targets each, uh, target, their ads, utterings and """service record,""" to make sure that kicking them out is clearly a boon for Us, humanity, several star systems and simple decency.

C) And the clincher: the "Get Out!" website needs to make clear that ANY elected official can be targeted, that once s/he is targeted the website will strive to kick their ass out of office as soon as possible and that the criteria for being on the "Get Out!" list are NOT ideological, NOT status-related, NOT party-politics-as-usual but a citizen's movement to enforce the government We deserve.

So, political parasites in the scope, don't like being on the (future) "Get Out!" list? Here are My three immediate responses:

1) Fuck you.

2) Resign immediately.

3) Do your job right by and for Us and you will drop off the "Get Out!" list.

Some of you may be wondering: And what good does that do, Oh-So-Brilliant Jenius?

Here's My (almost) immediate reply: What good are We doing now?

The Jenius Has Spoken.

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