19 January 2012

Ecological Disaster: $3 A __________ Pop

Hey! Let's play "Fill in The Jenius Blank"! The rules are simple: toss in the expletive you feel best completes My sentence! Be creative! Be filthy! Be hilarious! I am!

Today's topic: allowing four-tracks to run through the Guánica Dry Forest, the only semi-tropical dry forest in the __________ world! See? We're already playing!

A walking piece of dog _____ pretending to be in charge of Our Natural Resources Department has granted permission to let "ecological vehicles" race through the Guánica Dry Forest--at $3 per person. Or __________ vehicle. And by "ecological vehicle" We're really talking about mother_____________ four-tracks.

Not content with this aberration, Daniel "Dog _____" Galán, principal skanky _______ in the coming orgiastic _____fest raping the Dry Forest has also allowed a private company to """manage""" the Visitor Center facilities, in a UNESCO World Heritage Preserve, for the __________ total of $300 a month. On a 5-year contract. Renewable for 5 more mother________________ years if the Dry Forest simply refuses to die.

In the spirit of Orwellian double-speak--in reality, ____________ lies--here's My description of "Dog ______" Galán in his role as overseer of Our Natural Resources: "fucking whore."

I don't do double-speak. And I filled in a blank for you!

First of all, how in the ______________ hell can a site as unique as the Guánica Dry Forest be tossed like a used lottery ticket into the hands of a ________ private company? To run _______________ four-tracks--an estimated 1-_____-thousand a month--across a terrain that has NO twin anywhere in the world? And to allow access to bicycles and excursions beyond that...for 300 ___________ dollars a month?

Obviously, the federal government hasn't signed off on this. Which means that "Dog _____" Galán, aside from being a "_________ whore" (I let you fill in that one!), could be a ________________ thief, extending a non-enforceable contract to a private company in exchange for who-knows-what. That or he is truly _________________, _______________ and _________________ stupid beyond belief.

Thank you for playing "Fill in The Jenius Blank!" Remember, "Dog ______" Galán is a ______________ whore who wants to ___________ the Guánica Dry Forest! I say We ____________ him first. Repeatedly. And sideways, too.

The Jenius Has Spoken.

[Update: 31 January 2012: The ___________ audiotour company with ZERO ecological management experience decided not to take on the contract. Goes to show that even in this ______ for brains chaos We call """government""" We can make enough noise to stop some of the _________________________ parasites from multiplying.]

[Update: 9 February 2012: Over 20,000 trees have been cut down by the ___________________ department of (un)natural resources on land bordering the Guánica Forest. Purpose? To erect energy-producing windmills...which can be placed elsewhere, ____________.  Any one of those trees is worth more than the ____________________________ director of the ____________________ department of (un)natural resources.]


Alfredo Rafael Habersham-Pabón said...

This could also be labeled as "funny"... enraging and ________ funny

Ms. Conciencia said...

I'm gonna fill them! Like this:

1. fucking
2. shit
3. crappy
4. fucking
5. Shit
6. bastard
7. fuck
8. shitty
9. fucking
10. whore (actually, not that smart of my imagination)
11. Shit
12. fucking
13. motherfucking
14. ridiculous
15. fucking
16. whorish
17. SHIT
18. motherfucking
19. asshole
20. retarded
21. asshole
22. fucking
23. SHIT
24. asshole
25. fuck
26. fuck

Ok, too hard and terrible, but I filled it in! That is me in my angered state! :D

My comment: And that is WHY this Island is NOT going to progress, with people like Shit Galán.

GCSchmidt said...

Ms. Conciencia, you get an A+! And I agree with every one of your choices. Well done!

Now if only We could kick these shitters off the pot, hard and with extreme physical damage...