06 December 2005


The Jenius is focusing on brevity these days...

There are several hundred search engines scouring the Internet and you might use more than one. If you do (use more than one), then you're in a minority. Most of Us make do with one search engine for almost all Our searches.

However, the exploding complexity of the Internet makes the end results of these searches increasingly unsatisfying. One can learn to make the searches more relevant, but that takes time, thought and tenacity. We'd rather another "T" get the job done right: technology.

One of a growing class of search engines is Factbites, a service that seeks to contextualize search results in order to give the user a more accurate picture of what the results mean. In Jenius terms, this moves the results further along the spectrum from data (isolated points of fact) to information (data in context.)

Drop by Factbites and compare the results of a search to those of Google, Yahoo! or MSN. Suggestions for the test are terms such as globalization, dadaist and patrimony. If you like, let Me know what you think of the difference (if there is one.)

Then, please take one more step: Imagine what We could do if We found a way to facilitate turning the right information into the right kind of knowledge.

Far-fetched? Seems to Me it might be just around the corner...

The Jenius Has Spoken.

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