21 December 2005

Time To Amend

The Constitution of Puerto Rico needs to be amended so that the Island can pursue its own best interests.

Yes, The Jenius understands that Our Constitution is part of the 1952 "compact" that created the Quasimodo colonial status We live under, and as such, is an agreement between governments. It would seem a breach of good faith to suddenly tear up the agreement and state "We are playing by new rules."

A breach of faith? Not really. For if We want to talk about breaches of faith--and oh! We do!--let's explore, shall We:

-- Is it a breach of faith to use a dangerous pesticide such as Agent Orange on unknowing citizens? Happened in Puerto Rico. Guess who dumped their dangerous crap on Us?

-- Is it a breach of faith to bomb lands a few miles from citizens' homes, not once or twice, but periodically over a 60-year term, directly killing citizens and clearly endangering the lives of thousands more? Happened in Vieques. Guess who fired their dangerous crap on Us?

-- Is it a breach of faith to systematically place a specific group of citizens "in harm's way" as part of conflicts that these same citizens cannot have a political voice in, for or against? Puerto Ricans serve in disproportionately higher numbers in battle zones and consequently are wounded or killed in higher numbers than other citizens--those who are allowed to at least pretend to vote. Look at the numbers for the current Iraqi war that "the murderous moron" in the White House lied Us into...just as he lied his way out of his service obligation. What a load of crap this deal is.

Just as one should never initiate violence, one should not be the breacher of faith. But once faith is breached, adhering to it unilaterally is to accept, if not encourage, additional breaches by what is now a betrayer. Once the breach is made, there is no faith to preserve: there is only acquiescence, retaliation...or renegotation.

We have acquiesced, often out of ignorance, fear or distraction, and occasionally out of generosity.

We are not inclined, or truly capable, of retaliation.

We can, however, renegotiate. It begins with a unilateral step to redraw the playing field in Our own best interests.

Breach of faith? No. Simply the first step to establishing a new--fairer--faith.

The Jenius Has Spoken.

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