20 December 2005

Imagine A Group

Imagine a group of several people who combine extensive experience in business development, from a variety of viewpoints: idea generation, human resources, technology, marketing, project management, education, financing, sales, operations, communications, legal, Internet, programming, distribution, public relations and management.

Imagine that this group is seeking project ideas and that their offer to selected would-be entrepreneurs is:

-- Multiple reviews and analyses of the concept.

-- Near-immediate feedback for concept development.

-- Strategic and tactical development planning.

-- Technology assessments and reviews.

-- Market research, with analysis.

-- Sales and human resources consulting.

-- Personnel, supplier, partner and ally searches and evaluations.

-- An extensive network of contacts spanning over a dozen countries and fields as ranging from biotechnology and Federal contracts to consumer goods and intellectual property.

-- Management from a Board of Directors perspective, seeking outside expertise at their own expense to best serve the needs of the company.

Imagine that this group will help the project seek funding via a pro-active approach, i.e., not venture capital or government monies, but market dollars.

Imagine that the group charges no fees for initial review and analyses and a marginal fee for business planning development, on the average of $1,500. Also imagine that the group will seek a minority shareholder position in the company and generate its revenue for services as a percentage of gross profit.

Imagine--no, believe--that this group already exists. It is ready to start seeking the ideas that will launch no less than an economic revolution in and from Puerto Rico.

Stay tuned.

The Jenius Has Spoken.

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