21 March 2006


I wasn't going to do this, but the day sort of led up to this point...

One year ago today, The Jenius showed up in His own blog, a reactionary emergence against the perceived lassitude of the Internet industry in Puerto Rico. As with any blog that receives its Creator's attention, The Jenius has evolved, becoming both more expansive and yet more personal in its topics.

Milestones were passed without comment: 100 posts, 200 posts. This one was to have been about some other topic, as yet undecided. But all too often, it has been My habit to ignore personal achievements and commemorations, for though the Jenius' focus is always squarely on Me (even when it seems not to be), it's more a case of "Just doing My job" than "Hey, look what I did".

However, Life has turned a lot for The Jenius in the past year, with several wonderful highlights and a few negative ones. Sadly, one negative outweighs the good. In a few days, the end of My marriage will be in judicial hands and in some unknown span of Time, it will officially end.

The warmth the word anniversary once had is now gone, in large part because I drained the feeling from it. But to linger over a wound is to keep it from healing, so though My current pain will not heal quickly, it doesn't mean I can't acknowledge that an anniversary can still be special.

Not many bloggers last a year, much less writing as often and extensively as The Jenius does. (If that sounds like horn tooting, it's meant to.) So to acknowledge this anniversary is to acknowledge Me and My readers, those who come regularly and those who pop in on the off-chance that I might be (A) what they're looking for, (B) interesting or (C) as goofy as anyone who misspells "genius" can be.

To My subscribers, your confidence in Me is heartwarming. Thank you.

It has been a quiet, almost desolate day, emptier than I wanted it to be, but flashing moments of good. And there's still time for a small celebration.

The candle flickers out and a wish is made...

The Jenius Has Spoken.


Jose G. Rodriguez said...

Congrats, my friend. And may the good times always outshine the bad ones.

Hectorc said...

Gil: Congratulations on your aniversary!

Although I don't regularly make comments, today you made me react. Your publication is well received and you should be proud of your consitency an perseverance in publishing your toughts and opoinions about today's life, including yours.

Keep up the good work.


Gil C. Schmidt said...

Gil The Jenius here: Thank you, gentlemen. Best wishes in return.