16 March 2006

Jenius Results


Here I was, ready for a thoughtful comparison between 19th century educational goals and 21st century needs when I encountered this little tidbit: If you search for "A fool is defined as a person who repeats the same behavior and expects different results" in Google, the FIRST result is...


Gil The Jenius.

At least it was a 2005 post. There's hope for Me yet.

Or maybe not: Do a search in Google for "Animal Farm ignorance and apathy" and the FIRST result is...Gil The Jenius.

And what about "describing jenius"? Ditto: Me in FIRST place again. Whether that's good or bad depends, I suppose, on whether you are a spellchecker.

And what about that (in)famous FIRST place, "bat snot"? The Jenius has dropped to #5.

Sigh. Of relief.

In an attempt to correct this apparent misperception of My Jenius, I Googled "tecno sapiens" and "sociodigital".

Sigh: #4 in both.

Finally decided to try "Puerto Rico jenius". The FIRST 3 results are Me. But #4 is Kevin Shockey, he of Portal Al Exito fame.


For some reason, I feel much better now.

(And Jim, don't laugh: you're #12...)

The Jenius Has Spoken.

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James said...

(And Jim, don't laugh: you're #12...)


*reaches up, arms stretched out to the fickle gods*