20 March 2006

Some Non-Random Points...

Seriously, I'm beginning to wonder... First of all, who would search for "retail blood suckin like creatures and vampires"? Why? And how the blue Hades does Gil The Jenius come up as the FIRST result? Here's a clue: every other result is related to music, so not only is The Jenius odd in fascinating ways, He might be unhip as well...

Over at Lipsticking, Yvonne made Me blush green. (It was St. Paddy's Day, donchaknow.) Not easy to make Me blush, in any color. Then Yvonne sent Me a notice about World Water Day, to be celebrated March 22nd. The Day is to raise awareness of the tremendous importance water has in Our lives and how desperate the lack of it can be. On a local level, some 15-18% of Our people lack consistent water services, but that's still a paradise compared to the situation lived by far too many in Africa and Asia. Please, drop by WaterPartners International and learn how you can help make a real difference to hundreds, maybe thousands of people. It doesn't take much, except the will to try.

Recently, the local statehood party (also known as "Folly Central") ejected two current Senators from the party, in a move reminiscent of backroom union politics in the seediest of towns. One of the ejected is the current Senate President. Think about that. The party's elected "leader" in the upper chamber (a synonym of "upper colon") is forced out of his own party. Well, that don't seem right, especially when you consider that he was kicked out for simply doing his job. What's next? Shooting your own friends?

Later next month, Scott Ginsberg, The Name Tag Guy, will reach 2,000 days of continuous use of his name tag. It says "Scott". (That's for all the statehooders out there who think "democracy" means "You better agree with me." Are you listening, Pedro "The Buck Sucking Leads to My Pockets" Roselló?) Why bring this up now? Because Scott's message of Approachability is the foundation for enhancing your career and your life. Think I'm joking? In Scott's latest issue of his e-zine, Building Front Porches, he estimates that he's met about 40,000 people since he started wearing a name tag. Forty thousand. Now he acknowledges that he doesn't have a personal relationship with all of them, but imagine the possibilities for positive change in your life--for finding that golden opportunity--if you had an extra 40,000 chances to make it happen. Yeah, bad things happen to good people, but GREAT things happen to good people who reach out and make positive connections.

The Jenius Has Spoken.

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