22 March 2006

Penick's Insights

From an unlikely (to Me) source, And If You Play Golf, You're My Friend, by Harvey Penick and Bud Shrake, some wisdom about Life:

"(I)t's not what the teacher says, but what the student hears that matters."

"The more simple the approach is...the better off you are. It's the simple things that last."

"(D)on't be mad at luck. Stick to the one thing you can control: you."

"I never know so much I can't learn more." (That's what makes me a Jenius.)

"When I am at fault, simply say 'I am at fault and there is no excuse for it. I will do better next time or at least I will change it.'"

"A pro, or anyone, either goes forward or backward. What am I doing?"

"Life consists of a lot of minor annoyances and few matters of real consequence."

"We are frequently misjudged by our superiors, but never by our subordinates."

"Finish one job well before starting another."

"(I)f you want to change yourself, you must change how you think."

"A person of honor is a winner everywhere."

The Jenius Has Quoted.

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