15 March 2006

My "Not Insane To Do List"

Thanks to Gerard Van Der Leun, of AmericanDigest.org, The Jenius has gone even further in simplifying His (My!) life. It's called the "Not Insane To Do List" and it replaces everything I was using: index cards, random notebook scribblings, Outlook and iPaq (in that order).

If you haven't clicked the link, I'll show it to you. It looks something like this:


1 _____________________________

2 _____________________________

3 _____________________________
That's It. Undone Items Roll Over
Into One or More of Tomorrow's 3 Slots.
Take It Easy.

The link includes a PDF download so you can print the NITDL on an index card. No cost. Free. Because Van Der Leun's a nice guy that way.

Being The Jenius, I had to make My own version (business card-sized, of course) of this handy-dandy productivity tool. Here it is:


1 _____________________________ ☼

2 _____________________________ ☼

3 _____________________________ ☼
Have Fun. Be Great. Make Money.

Notice how My version replaces uneeded (to Me) instruction and wise advice with My own even-better advice. And yes, that IS the order I try to do things: Fun, Excellence and Money.

In these days of readjustment, it's a comfort to be able to throw minutiae out and focus on just a few important things.

This could become a habit...

The Jenius Has Spoken.

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