13 February 2008

Git Along, Lil Doggie!

The local Teachers Federation, a.k.a. The Cud Chewers Club, has threatened to go on strike. The non-governor and his bow-tied monkey mouth platitudes about "meetings" and "common ground."

Here's My suggestion: Let them go on strike.

Then fire their asses.

You say it can't be done? I got three words for you: Air traffic controllers.

Back when Ronald Reagan was displaying Stage I Alzheimer's and the media called it "folksiness," he did have a moment of absolute brilliance. The air traffic controllers union, a bloc of government workers who by law were not allowed to go on strike, threatened to do so; Reagan floated the idea of firing those who went on strike and hiring new people.

Many people scoffed. Fire air traffic controllers? What would happen to the U.S. economy? The image of thousands of grounded planes, stranded passengers and commerce grinding to a halt was so phantasmagorical, a huge number of Us thought "That can't be done."

Unfortunately for them, the air traffic controllers' union thought the same way and they went on strike.

And their asses got fired. The Great Communicator had spared words and simply flipped them the bird.


Did the U.S. economy collapse? Did commerce and travel grind to a halt? Barely a blip on the radar was the end result: New traffic controllers stepped in, some coming back from retirement, others filling in temporarily from the military and even a handful from other countries who helped expand the knowledge base of the U.S. system.

I won't belabor you with the parallels:

--The teachers are government workers who cannot, by law, go on strike.
--If they break the law, they can be fired. In fact, the only response possible is dismissal.
--When they are fired, We can bring back retired teachers, bring in new teachers, switch qualified personnel from other agencies and private industry and maybe bring in some teachers from other countries to help Us round out Our knowledge base.
--We can easily survive firing the current herd, while developing a new group of teaching professionals.

We cannot let the threat of an illegal strike force an appeasement: That would be tantamount to having the Cud Chewers walk over Us. And We definitely cannot let an illegal strike happen without punishment. That would be tantamount to letting the Cud Chewers take a dump over what's left of Our miserable education system.

We can make Our educational system better, but not by letting these crass underachievers run the show. If they cross the line and walk, We have to make sure they keep walking, all the way out of the system. We absolutely have to.

The Jenius Has Spoken.


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