29 February 2008

Dump 'Em!

The local Federation of Teachers, led by a deluded hydrocephalic posing under the name of Rafael "I Am the Power" Feliciano, went on strike.

And promptly got fired.

Not the way I wanted to see these vermin eradicated, but by the judicial route that says "You don't represent who you say you represent." What the local Superior Court did was add legal muscle to what was already apparent: The Federation spoke for itself, not for all or even a majority of teachers.

The evidence trickled in as the number of schools shut down by the strike could be counted on two hands (out of some 1,530) and most of those were closed because parents and guardians kept their kids home rather than face trouble.

For trouble did emerge, as the Federation's desperate rats turned rabid. Video of small groups of teachers snarling and hurling insults, curses and even garbage at cars bringing students to the schools may have been very isolated incidents, but they were enough to show how shallow, how utterly useless these "teachers" in the Federation really are. Concerned about education? Hell no. Their only concern is to expand their comfort level within the narrow confines of their "I'm too stupid and too lazy to do anything" fetid mentality.

The Appeals Court also kicked the toothless and mindless Federation and within hours, what was left of Fart-Face Feliciano's pseudo-empire was offering a solution to "solve" the strike. Here's a newsflash, "Feliciculo": The strike never happened.

Does this mean the Education system is not a Titanic? No. Does this mean teachers don't have legitimate complaints? No. Does it mean teachers deserve more? No. Does it mean We have opened a window for progressive dialogue? No. All it means is that We let a handful of scumbags derail the puny efforts We say We make to somehow bail out the sinking ship of local education.

And if a system is only as smart as its lowest common denominator, then the evidence is clear: We're in deeper trouble than We imagined.

The Jenius Has Spoken.

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