11 February 2008

Jellyfish Sting, Part II

So after Our non-governor Aníbal "Jellyfish" Acevedo says "Down with the sales tax!" (from 7% to 2.5%), he adds that We should go back to using the old 6.6% import tax as well.

Then, in the kind of math idiocy that is the perfect product of Our idiotic educational system, The Jellyfish says that by ADDING 6.6% after SUBTRACTING 4.5% would actually make the effective tax rate "close to zero percent."

Pigs fly.

Now there are some local economists, known as "retards", who vociferously point out that the taxes The Jellyfish talks about are applied at two different points of the economic system and thus, could maybe possibly and in some specific cases quite randomly in accidental fashion perhaps cause a slight reduction in the tax paid by some fictional consumer. Stripped of their academic verbiage and politically-inept sophistry, what their saying is: No way, José. 

Aside from the fact that the sales tax was (a) a bad idea and (b) too large to boot, the needless additional death blow was that (c) it was applied horrendously. For you see, as Your Immodest Jenius pointed out (along with a few non-retards) eliminating the 6.6% import tax was not the same as actually eliminating its effects. Instead of prices dropping, prices went UP and stayed that way, a result even a retard could have predicted. Why? Because there was no incentive to drop prices due to factors (a), (b) and especially (c).

Therefore The Jellyfish, in his free-floating anxiety attack, has decided that (i) he needs a political boost, but (ii) he still needs revenue to cover his administrative booty (pun intended), so he tries (iii) a blatant double-switch: Drop 4.5% here, add 6.6% there and then LIE about the expected result.

Just like the first time, when he dropped 6.6% and added 7%...to do (i) and (ii) with the first version of (iii).

Now please, somebody explain My math to the retards...

The Jenius Has Spoken.


Nelson said...

LOL! I laughed so hard when I read this. You made my morning.

Gil C. Schmidt said...

Happy to be of service!