13 October 2008

Damn Debate

Happy Birthday, María!

If I had a nickel for every time a local politician came up with a good idea I'd be begging for a nickel to just be able to touch one. And if I had a a dime for every time the local media did its Fourth Estate job properly, I'd be begging for two more freaking nickels to make frigging change to get a freaking dime.

The latest double fiasco was a governor candidate debate led by none other than the renowned journalistic icon Daddy "Damn" Yankee. A rapper that came out of some closet to support McCain and thrust himself in the middle of Our D-grade campaign, the whole idea of four gubernatorial candidates showing up to field questions from a clueless singer is an utter failure of both political vision and journalistic integrity.

In other words, una boricuada of the first order. And man do I hate having to say that.

Now I know wrestlers, actors, former child actors and comedians run for governor and president in the U.S., but that's politics. What you don't see--ever--is a debate led by anyone other than a journalist, even if said journalist is another brainless sheep, because even a brainless journalist lends a measure of gravitas to the otherwise empty spectacle of over-extended soundbites. But a rapper? Are you serious? 

Did anything worth noting happened at the Damn debate? Not unless you count the perceived fashion faux pas of Rogelio "Egofabulous" Figueroa, who tried to dress "young" (maybe he should have tried cross-dressing) and that a riot damn near erupted outside the venue. Ideas? None. Journalism insights? No. Embarrassment? Plenty.

Here are some instructions for the players in this debacle: The two outright losers, the candidates of the PPR and PIP, should just forget to appear in any future debate. Don't even invite them. They're like kibitzers at a tic-tac-toe game. The tic-tac-toers, the "leading" candidates, should have another debate, but this one moderated by a journalist brought in from the States. (Yeah, I said it.) Someone who'll ask all the obvious questions the local sheep don't, simply because s/he won't know any better.

And the Damn Yankee? He should go chase McCain's ass around the States to help him drum up the stupid teenager vote. That's about 20 million votes right there.

The Jenius Has Spoken. 

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Anonymous said...

I mean I knew Daddy Yankee was stupid, but I had no idea HOW stupid. Makes me sick to my stomach.

Other than that, hope things are improving for you, if even slightly.