20 October 2008

Just Asking

Questions I would like an answer to:

--Does anyone remember the look on Jorge "Il Castrao" Font's face when he emerged from the local F.B.I. office, unarrested?

--Is it significant that Il Castrao has 32 charges levied against him versus "only" 24 for Our UnGovernor?

--Does anyone remember that the condominium built on public land is still there and We--the people who owned that land in the first place--are having to pay to keep that private building there?

--How soon will the U.S. politicos start bitching about Banco Popular's request for--oh--$300 to $900 million as part of a bailout?, seeing as how We don't pay federal taxes and Our Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac take is proportionately higher than almost all the States?

--What are the Las Vegas odds of Barack Obama completing his presidency? What are the London odds? What are the real odds?

--Will the launch of a new daily in Our sheep-flock make a positive difference? And what about the $1 million "investment" by the local Labor Department in this newspaper, in violation of local and federal laws concerning "freedom of the press"?

--Why do pollsters and political pundits--two sub-species of Homo idiotus--continue to harp on the "Undecided" vote? There is no "Undecided" vote, only voters who don't feel like saying who they will vote for either out of a sense of privacy or because they can't name any of the candidates. 

--How is it possible that, after one month, folks in the Corozo sector of My hometown of Cabo Rojo still have 1-3 feet of water in their homes? Where are the four pumps The Jellyfish said would be put into use? Where's the Army Corps of Engineers, those green-clad, rock-brained obstacles who should at least try to be helpful?

--Is the "Don't write in Pedro Stupid Rosselló" campaign a recognition that Il Castrao "leveled" the playing field? Or is it in recognition that Il Castrao's illegal activities will prove to gut the party and that they (the clueless statehooders) better grab what they can while they can?

The Jenius Has Spoken.

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