15 October 2008

Stupid of the Year

Why don't We hand out "Stupid of the Year" awards? Here are My nominees:

1) Jorge "De Castr(a)o" Font walks up to the local F.B.I. office and asks to be arrested. They ignore him. Il Castrao walks out with a weasel smile, "vindicated." Of course, the F.B.I. later arrested his skanky ass--at the time and place of their choosing.

2) No, that's it.

Now I know We're still in mid-October and that given the (low moral?) quality of the competition, there's plenty of potential for an even more deserving Stupid of the Year. But really, can We pass this one up?

A) Il Castrao knew that what he had been doing was illegal and for how long he'd been doing it.

B) He knew investigations were going on, if for no other reason than the fact that investigations of politicians are always going on.

C) And he knew--beyond a shadow of any doubt--that the investigation had progressed to the point of no return, that Il Castrao was no longer a "person of interest," but an actual criminal suspect. And he taunted the F.B.I. anyway. These are the same people that pepper-sprayed local media sheep and then acted like it was akin to dusting a basement shelf.

Now I ask you: Is going up to the F.B.I.--knowing you are guilty--and saying "I dare ya!" anything but an act of total, irrefutable and unredeemable stupidity?

I rest My case. But I know the F.B.I. will gladly keep theirs with laser aim on Il Castrao's weasel-skanky ass. (Especially now that his "defense" is whining "I was just following orders.")

The Jenius Has Spoken.

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