19 May 2010

Bank (Self-)Interest

Here's a brief post, for a change:

According to the much-maligned-by-Me Center for the New Economy [or in Jenius format: the (Old Guard)Center for (Delaying/Controlling/Quashing) the (Anything Related to this So-Called)New Economy (That We Control)], Our banking system is FUBAR and heading for even greater FUBARness, but...

It's "stronger".

Just when you thought there was a glimmer of brains in the CNE...it continues to be FUBAR.

We're down to 3 local banks, which are really only one and two appendixes (appendici?) and 4 "foreign" banks, one of which (Bilbao Vizcaya) has a cloud over it shaped eerily similar to vultures.


Our banking is screwed and yet, by being smaller, it is somehow stronger? By being further consolidated under one hand, it is stronger? By being more limited and less likely to invest in Us (what "conservative" banking means here is that monies are invested elsewhere that is not here), the folks that pretty much prop up the CNE are going to be "stronger"? Reeeaaallllyyyyy.

Methinks the interest rate in this cross-eyed analysis is not related at all to banks, but to self. That, too, is FUBAR.

The Jenius Has Spoken.

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