07 May 2010

Discordant Notes

This won't take long...

--The Pittsburgh Pirates already have a losing record, with defeats in the 20-0, 17-3 and 16-4 range. I repeat what I said one week into the season: the Pirates are not going to be a winning team with the current management. Not happening. Either new management comes in, Major League Baseball takes the franchise over or--heartbreak--the team moves to another city. Memphis? New Orleans? Charlotte? Don't matter. This season's over for the Pirates anyway.

--The University of Puerto Rico strike goes on...and on and on and on. Here's the basic question, the bottom line inquiry: What is the goal of the strike? There's only one answer: money. It's a hissy-fit by cretins on one side and morons on the other. You sort them out: I've got 1,645,238 better things to do. Every day.

--Noticed by several folks: the way Luis "The Larva" Fortuño, (non)governor of My Island, gets on an airplane every time some piss-poor hissy-fit cranks up. Maybe I should change his nickname to "Jigsaw", because when the going seems to get tough, he goes to pieces. (Kudos if you recognize where I stole that from...)

--Am I the only one to notice that the independence movement has become extremely quiet lately, damn near tomb-like, which matches their current political lifeforce to a T? Is it that the media doesn't give a rat's ass about them, that We don't have a media worth giving a rat's ass about anything except gossip and innuendo, both or just what I said, that the independence party as a political force is pretty much dead? Here's a thought: when the dollars stop flowing easily--and they have--the average independentista (and most are just that: average) opts for revenue over rhetoric. Discuss.

--Rumor has it that bumbling banking behemoth Banco Popular has sold its electronic processing arm, Evertec. If they have, I was wrong: I thought they wouldn't want or need to after absorbing much of the second-largest local bank. But...how much do you want to bet that the Evertec deal actually leaves Banco Popular as the primary beneficiary of 90+% of current electronic transfers for at least the next 5 years? Something along the lines of "No one else can come into this market so Banco Popular remains Top Bitch"? Anyone?

The  Jenius Has Spoken.

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