28 May 2010

Here, My Brethren: Learn Something

Can you pass a simple "citizenship test"? Go ahead: try. 

Why? Because you'll learn something. You see, you really don't know as much as you think you do, and as a citizen, lack of knowledge makes you a weaker citizen.

And what should you, as a citizen, know about most in this shaky U.S. of part of A.? The Constitution. It is still the basis of rule in the increasingly-fearful nation where fascism, once the greatest of evils, is now an entrenched party platform plank.

Explore The U.S. Constitution here. Go from being blind to being a Cyclops, but that one eye will make a world of difference in how you perceive the country and your role in it.

And why bother, My Brethren of this colonial property of the U.S. of part of A.? Because We are citizens by fiat and if We are to become citizens by right, We have to do it. We, people. 


The Jenius Has Spoken.


Davsot said...

Something all citizens of the USA should do. Thanks for encouraging it, maybe some of us will listen.

GCSchmidt said...

Davsot, you've certainly jumped back into The Jenius in a big way, with plenty of comments. Thank you for doing so, for the praise and I VERY much look forward to seeing your idea of train transport in Puerto Rico come true. (Even if you have to modify "train" to something else to move Our masses, I'd love to see it.)

Welcome back!

Unknown said...

ouch! 65%!

GCSchmidt said...

Gabo, I got 95% because I made My usual mistake of answering too quickly. I missed the Amendment number question even though I knew the answer as I was writing a Jenius Update on exactly that point; clicked wrong and didn't check. So I got a 95%. Here's the thing: on similar tests, most Americans averaged about 35%. Bottom line: I'd take you over most citizens any day of the week. (I have plans for a remote island retreat where only 86 of Us will rule the world. You're in. More details later...)

antigonum cajan said...

It takes my islander
breath away. Certainly.

GCSchmidt said...

To davsot: I found these pictures while researching some real estate-related investments:



They are listed at http://www.prairieschooltraveler.com/html/world/pr/pr.html as part of a study on Frank Lloyd Wright's Praire School architectural influence. I know the buildings well and saw the name of the photographer so...I gathered it was you who helped out on the study.

Good work and based on what I read, I hope you find something more to your liking very soon! Thanks for dropping by!