12 May 2010

Making Sense Of It All

Why are We still stuck in the petty political problems We had 30-40 years ago? Why are We still tolerating the same old political grubbing, infighting, fake-service-while-feeding-like-pigs-at-a-trough kind of politics that makes you wish public executions were still high holiday events?

Now there might be some debate as to whether We are suffering for this, seeing as how We ranked #2 worldwide in "happiness" in 2008. So maybe the political stuff isn't that big of a buzzkill.

Then what about the economy? There's no denying Our economic situation has an overdeveloped amount of suction and isn't getting better. But it was bad in 2006 and 2007, could be seen as headed for a downturn in 2008 and got worse in 2009. Still, We were happy then and maybe, despite the increasing level of stress from rising unemployment and reduced income, We'd still be pretty happy. Money doesn't buy happiness, true, but it can get you a condo near where happiness is mined. Too bad we can't afford the condo...

Is Our society improving noticeably? Are We becoming a closer-knit nation of communities? Nope. The murder rate is rising again, divorce has crept up above the 50% line, education keeps getting dumber and at the first hysterical hint of a possibly potential shadow of a threat of a chance that a tropical depression could maybe if it breaks patterns inch up to hurricane level, watch how We go to the stores to clean 'em out because--We feel this--if We don't have 78 rolls of toilet paper and 120 batteries, Our neighbors are not going to help Us. (But We memorize the FEMA emergency number when it flashes onscreen.)

Could it be that We're in denial? Many mental health suspects--I mean, experts--state that We have a society brimming over with mental health issues. We are anxious, depressed, addicted and alienated, so are We happy because We're nuts...or am I saying that We're nuts because despite it all We say We're happy?

I'm not a good judge of this, for I am inevitably optimistic. I will see a silver lining where the black cloud merely thins out. I will see a glass half-full when the water just barely starts dripping into an empty glass. I see sunrises and seldom see sunsets. And yet I see the political thievery, the treason, the murders, the lost jobs, the diminished opportunities, the stupidity, the blindness, the greed, the paranoia, the despair...and I think of the rest, the potential, the future, the way it could be, the end result instead of the starting place.

I can't say I'm in denial; just read The Jenius and tell Me I'm not looking squarely at some of the bad. I'm harsh about it because I expect more of Us. So if you ask Me if I'm happy in Puerto Rico, I'd ponder it a bit and then say "Yes, quite so." And I guess I'm in a large group because how else could We end up #2 in the world in "happiness," unless We looked at Our situation and concluded: It ain't great, but I like it. Enough.

Doesn't make sense...but there it is.

The Jenius Has Spoken.

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