26 May 2010

Happy Birthday, Kaleb!!

You are 10 years old today, a growing boy who wins scholastic awards, including your grade's Academic Excellence Award, as well as collecting championship trophies in basketball. You make friends easily, act wiser than I (not a major compliment, but admirable nonetheless) and you make Me laugh.

I wish We had more time together, for though I have the freedom of freelancing, you don't. You are part of a game based on fear and control rather than one based on your growth and Our relationship, so the time We spend is less than it could or should be. It hurts. You deserve better as much as I.

We continue to explore the world together, for though your interests are more in the realms of technology, Mine are of the mind, so you ground Me to the latest gadgets and their uses and I launch you to think about things you never knew existed. I know sometimes that makes you uncomfortable, for you know I expect you to learn, but think about how calm and comfortable you feel when a "new" topic comes in class and you are instantly ahead of the game. The same happens in Life, which is why limiting you now based on fear is doing you no good.

You have also learned to read people in ways I don't grasp. You absorb where I classify. It lets you deal with someone as they are without you changing your ways whereas I have to choose how to engage someone based on how I perceive them. My way takes time and energy; yours seems effortless. I don't know where you got that from, because it certainly can't be genetic. I'm going to blame the elves and magic beans.

In one way, ten years seems like an instant, but I have another way of viewing it, based on what We have shared, as I spent nearly every minute of the first 1,200 days or so of your life within your presence. I said this before: I spent more time with you in those days than My dad spent with Me in My entire childhood. And he wasn't a bad father; on the contrary. But he was from a different time and We--you and I--were in different circumstances.

The big change for you this year was that you now have a little sister, a tiny bundle that you don't know what to do with, but you will as she grows up and starts following her big brother around. You'll be surprised to see things in her that you see in yourself and you'll learn a lot about growing up. You'll also understand more of what We have shared and continue to share.

When I mock-complained that President Obama kept calling Me at 2 a.m. to complain about Congress and the media to seek My advice and that if I'd known he would bug Me so much I would've run for President, you swallowed your bite of hamburger and tossed off a blithe "You would have been the last white President in U.S. history." When I find a decent comeback for that skewering, I'll reopen that conversation. Until then, it's Kaleb 1, Me picking Myself up the canvas.

You are joy, a treasure and a part of My life I never cease to be amazed at. I love you, Kaleb. I always will.

The Jenius Has Spoken.

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