30 November 2007

Nine Things Puerto Rico Needs

Need the First: A mass transition from "politics as talk" to "politics as action" on the part of the general citizenry.

Need the Second: A rejection of U.S.-based deficient educational standards to embrace world-class standards.

Need the Third: A widespread realization that Our economy is handcuffed by outside interests and internal barriers to topple them.

Need the Fourth: Understanding that an energy development policy must be implemented immediately to confront the impending disaster Our reliance on oil and an overburdened infrastructure represents.

Need the Fifth: A moral center that doesn't sway with every whim.

Need the Sixth: To develop a willingness to see beyond Our shores to the true world, thus seeing the potential role We can play in it.

Need the Seventh: Political leadership that comes from middle-class values and work ethic, not lower-lifeform ids and indolence.

Need the Eighth: An end to Our irrational tolerance of the corrupt, the fraudulent and the hypocritical, whether it's in politics, religion or media.

Need the Ninth: A recognition of the value of the individual as an individual, and not as part of some (mis)labeled group.

The Jenius Has Spoken.

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