03 April 2012

Police Lies, Stupid Remarks, We All Lose

A 29-year old woman is found unconscious off a trail on the tiny island of Vieques, a vacation hotspot municipality of Puerto Rico. The woman, visiting Vieques as a tourist, was semi-nude and may have been raped.

The blow to the left side of her head was so powerful that it caused injury to the right side, not from a fall, but from the contusion itself, requiring emergency surgery. That is horrible enough. Worse is the possibility that she was raped, for no crime short of murder is more heinous. But beyond that lies another horror: the woman may have been the third victim of a serial rapist, whose two prior attacks were hushed up.

Let Me give you some context here: Vieques proper is about the size of some suburban tracts in the U.S. of part of A., for although 21 miles long and 5 miles wide, two closed areas on the western tip and eastern half of the island are closed off, halving the island's civilian zone. Just look at the map and you'll see that the civilian area--the township itself--is quite tiny. Population: about 9,600, give or take a few hundred visiting for Spring Break or Holy Week or some other pagan ritual.

There's two ways off the little island: boat (ferry or private vessel) or plane (local air transport or private plane). Although checking and vetting private boats and planes is not easy, it is routinely done as part of the massive(ly ridiculous) "drug war." Even with the ineffective and lackadaisical monkey squads We call police, trying to hunt a rapist on Vieques is far from impossible; in fact, the only place easier in Puerto Rico would be the tinier island-municipality of Culebra, northeast of Vieques.

So why hide the fact that two other women were attacked, one raped?

Politics. With maybe a soupçon of equally disgusting and hypocritical economics thrown in.

Rape is a violent crime that thrives when covered up. Sadly, disgustingly, Our """society""" often blames the victim rather than the perpetrator, a nauseating reversal that says too much much about Us and all of it bad.

For those of you who don't get it (mostly men who are morally and intellectually retarded, but also some stupid women), imagine someone comes up and beats the living shit out of you. Pounds you like beating a mule. (Simile intended and the shoe fits, so shut up.) Barely leaves you alive. Now imagine that YOU--YOU--get blamed for the beating because you were in the wrong place or were wearing the wrong clothes or simply because whoever beat the shit out of you gets treated with more respect than you and your broken bleeding body.

Still think it's fair? If you do, then I hope My example becomes your reality in the next 5 weeks.

Two women were attacked in Vieques prior to this third attack. Even without charges, the attacks themselves would have to be publicized to alert other women and the community that some deranged animal is on the loose. Covering up this information was not done to protect the community: it was done to protect the image of Vieques. Specifically, the political image related to tourism.

If you think the economic image to tourism is the salient factor, rather than the political, think about this: other attacks against tourists in Puerto Rico--rare, but they do happen here, just like the do around the world--are mentioned quickly and openly. The Vieques' attacks were not.  So what happened in these attacks?

July 15, 2011: A man described as "thin, with dark skin," leaps out from behind a rock and strikes a young (about 27) woman several times in the head. Despite the blows, the woman fights back, screams and gets the attention of her two girlfriends who were walking further ahead. The woman was hurt, but chose to leave Vieques immediately.

December 27, 2011: A 15-year old girl goes back to the hotel to get a snorkel. Her return takes so long that her parents search for her, but don't find her. She eventually appears, "beaten, delirious and bleeding". The family leaves Vieques and days later the girl indicates she was raped.

In neither case were charges filed by the persons involved, directly or indirectly. That happens all-too-often in a society that treats rape victims like criminals; no, worse, because the """legal system""" eviscerates the victim to coddle the criminal. But the police knew about each case. They had the injury reports and testimonies. The Vieques police knew that two women were attacked, one was raped, and yet the Regional Commander, Antonio López, said "he didn't know" about the two previous attacks and "defended" the police's inaction by stating that "(T)here have been no reported rapes in Vieques since 2003."

Now here's the objective take: (1) It is entirely possible that the Regional Commander didn't know about two specific cases of essentially assault and battery in one small township of his area, even though that township is a high-profile hotspot for tourism and drug intervention; and, (2) It is entirely possible that there have been no reported rapes in Vieques since 2003.

But here's My non-objective take, aimed straight at Tony "Lip Service" López: There are times when the facts are on your side and there are times when sticking to the facts makes you an asshole. And in this case, "Lips On Ass" López, you are being an asshole. 

Your job--cough-chuckle-retch--is "To Serve and Protect." Under your command, three women, one of them a minor, were attacked and beaten, almost certainly raped in two cases, and your response is basically a politically-farted, shit-for-brains version of "I don't know and I don't care."

Over three years ago, a pregnant woman was abducted and brutally murdered while vacationing here--in Ceiba, part of your command area, "Loose Lips" López. Just before her murder, terrified and anguished in the trunk of a car, the woman called her fiancé. What that must have been like for both of them staggers reason. The crime received a great deal of press and a Tourism Company executive--a woman, no less--had the unmitigated gall to say that the crime was a tragedy because it stained the tourism reputation of the Island.

Yes, crimes do stain a country's reputation, particularly for tourism. Just ask Mexico. But stupidity, product of a smelly, self-serving blend of ignorance and arrogance in the form of puke-inducing statements, does just as much damage.

Partially-lost in this mess is that local officials moved quickly to help the most-recent victim's mother arrive here within hours and have provided accommodations for them both and the victim's friends, also here on vacation. It's truly the least that could be done.

But Let's get some things straight, right now:

---Crime happens. Sometimes to tourists. But regardless of who gets hurt--tourist or resident--stop covering up the crimes for political """gain"""". To the Vieques police and anyone involved in hushing up the noted attacks and any other danger the community should be alerted to: Fuck you.

---I read comments, some from women, that these attacks and rapes happened because the victim's were "walking where they shouldn't be walking" or bullshit to that effect. In other words, they are saying that by "going there," they "invited" the crimes perpetrated against them. These women were on a tiny island where security could be enforced with relative ease. But that's beside the point. Glance up to My example again. The crime is committed because the perpetrator chooses to commit it, not because the victim """""chooses""""" it. If you can't understand that, you should be sterilized.

At a time when Our government's statistics on crime are complete, total and pestiferous hogwash, slamming cases into courts to "up" numbers and hiding crimes to "down" others, it seems obvious to anyone with a higher IQ than a turd that the energy involved in hiding the facts can be put to better use. Not that it will be, simply that it can be.

Because when it comes to facts and fibs, facts are the only ones that help Us all, while fibs only serve the fucking liars.

The Jenius Has Spoken.


Raul Colon said...


I have to say that last year when I interviewed the Ex. Director of Tourism Mario Gonzalez he mentioned that Crimes on Tourist where not an issue. That only one crime had occured in I can't recall how many years.

I think Puerto Rico is safer than other destinations for tourist but on the other side I Agree with you when it comes to communicating what is going on so it can be fixed. A person's life is more important than the image of tourism of a location/destination.

Ray Bentz said...

Note the headline in this article ... http://www.laht.com/article.asp?ArticleId=486872&CategoryId=14092
No mention of the victim from PRTC ...

lucilla said...

About two years ago someone tried to break into my home while I was just getting into the shower. So I was sans clothing. I scared the would be burglars off and when the police finally arrived I was blamed because the house had come with a gazebo that goes parallel to the back wall. Behind the wall is a dead end road but the wall was low enough to park a car, jump over and onto the gazebo. The police also made excuses that there were only 18 police for 50k residents. To which I replied, I don't give a shit and that is not my problem. I told him I was almost robbed and things could have been far worse and it still would have been my fault? I really laid into the police officer who looked at my neighbor like "she doesn't understand but you do. you were a former officer." He also told me that I was used to having the police come right away to resolve issues but that it was different here. I told him that while he was trying to teach me a lesson, he should have been calling for backup to get fingerprints or evidence or scour the neighborhood. The next day a detective came by the house and told me there had been a series of break-ins. No one from our administrative board had alerted us that there had been at least three break-ins in a matter of months. The detective told me that the officer should have at least called him to come over the house. Moral of the story, protect your ownself because the cops aren't going to do shit. I told both that if I had a gun in my home and killed the perpetrators, more than likely I would have gone to jail and they would have been let go. It is horrible that women and men blame the victim in this instance Gil.

GCSchmidt said...

Raúl, I believe We are a safer destination than most, but I can't help but feel that We are being lied to, to Our detriment.

Ray: unbelievable. Once again some Tourist Company fuckwad, this time named Luis Rivera, mouth-farts about "image" when a woman has been brutalized. In the spirit of My blog post, Luis "Shithead" Rivera: Fuck you.

Lucilla, I'm happy your incident ended without harm to you, except indignation and the sobering realization that We are pretty much on Our own. Even the Board kept quiet, which menas THEY were alert and thus placed the rest of you in more danger. And I think you're right: shooting someone who CHOOSES to break into your home and CHOOSES to commit a crime against person and property means you become the criminal and the poor (maybe dead) sap is legally a saint. Fuck that.

Anonymous said...

Lopez quoted in the Latin America Times Herald..."2 individuals arrested from mainland US" regarding Vieques attack. True ????

Anonymous said...

I moved here over yrs ago,The cop's cover everything here,From drug's to rape's.About 2yrs ago my huband was working at the base cleaning up and a woman was raped,Beat up with her kid's right there,The kid's got away and got help,But did anyone hear of that one ?

Looking to move very soon

Anonymous said...

THank you for your Honest Article and for Speaking up for the rest who can't.
Yes people and the society should get together and Alert the community and the world / hotels and airlines of the crimes and dangers and also set up community watch systems.

They may not have mentioned or alerted people for fear that they may lose money from visiters but a person 's life can not be replaced like money and they (island) are loosing more now for hidding the facts and showing lack of moral and care for human lives.

May God help the survivors and protect us all.

Anonymous said...

Hi gil. I have to agree that covering up crime only adds fuel to fire. For example, Trip Advisor has pretty much deleted all refernce to horible attack. Evidently, the folks who regularly contribute (realesate agents, vacation property owners, tourisit dependant business owners) are running scared that this report will some how "get out" and scare off tourisit. What those folks don't realise that in age of the internet (and thnaks to folks like you) that news travels fast. And cover-ups only lead to suspision and rummors.

I am a frequent vistor and am in the midst of planning my next family trip. Despite the recent events I still feel very comfortable bring my family to Vieques. However, I sincerely appericate knowing fully what saftey concerns to be aware of. I belive the girl was attacked on trail to black sand beach. Is this true. (???) I have walked that trail many times alone and with my teenaged daughters. In fact my daughters ride mountain bikes in that erea. In the future they will NOT be riding bikes on trails with out an adult.

Several years ago the house we were renting was burgeralized. About $1,000 of our belongs were stolen. Several other vacation homes in area were also victumized. i called the on-island property manager. Who prompty arrived and interacted with the police on my behalf. For months I tryed to get a copy of the police report for my insurance cmoany--no luck. it wasn't unitl after the incident that I learned from the property mananger that the our rental home was a frequent target of thieves and that he was try to persude the owners to install an alram system. had i known this inadvance I would have taken other measures (besides locking the 13 deadbolts) to secure my valubales.

In my opinion, turning a blind eye to property crime has fostered a culture where denial and cover-up is accepted. Now the problem has grown to include violent crime. Weren't there two shottings at popular tourist resturants over the winter break? Two girls attacked along beach trails beore the latest horrible incident?

Personally I think these crimes need to be openly discussed so the community can come together and take positive action.

Mara said...

Dear Gil,
We are the group from July you talk about and it was actually in June. We were just around the corner from our friend when this happened on coconut beach. We had witness that saw him running threw the woods. The police didn't bother with us. It took them an hour to come. Then they acted like it was a bother. They didn't even go looking for anyone. My friend was lucky and only because we were right around the corner and heard her screaming. They didn't even make an official police report. They treated us like crap. There were multiple witness on the island that could of identified this guy if they actually did there job and looked for him. Instead the next day and everyone left including us. I feel so sorry for that women as because if they had done there job last year she wouldn't have had to suffer.

GCSchmidt said...

Mara, I got the July date from the newspaper article; thank you for clarifying that.

I'm disgusted by the local police's lack of reaction and concern for your friend, who at the very least, was assaulted. By their slowness, both mental and physical, it gives the idea that (a) this type of incident is common in Vieques or (b) that they don't care about anything that isn't "profitable" or "newsworthy." And if you think I'm implying that the Vieques police may be more interested in "fighting drugs" because there's money in it--where as a tourist attack means "no money"--then yes, I'm implying that.

I'm sorry you and your friends had this experience on your vacation. As you can see by an Anonymous comment above, the lack of police interest seems fairly common, but that's no excuse.

As tourists, you are guests on My Island, and though that doesn't mean you should always be treated better than residents, it means you should always be treated as welcome guests. We failed at that, and sadly, We fail at that too often.

Contrary to the feckless ad campaign the current (non)governor has pushed back into Our faces, Puerto Rico doesn't always do it better.

Thanks for commenting.

Anonymous said...

Do you have an update on the condition of the Maryland woman .. and the law enforcement activities to apprehend and prosecute the perpetrator?

As you know, just about everything has been shut down by a very organized group of business owners, realtors and tourism officials (including Trip Advisor), in their persistent efforts to protect the image of Vieques as it relates to real estate and tourism.

We are outraged by this latest cover-up and believe that only when the island suffers a loss of investment and tourist dollars will they wake up and get serious about the crime on that beautiful piece of earth.

GCSchmidt said...

I read a newspaper report that the young lady had been released from the hospital and went home. The report had no information about the investigation, but I did find out via a reporter that 4 additional police were assigned to Vieques on a rotation basis. One problem: being assigned to Vieques for "Big Islanders" is seen as punishment. The reporter told me 2 of the cops had immediately gone on sick leave.

I can't confirm that story, but have no reason to doubt it, as the reporter is usually quite accurate and told Me efforts were being made to secure proof of what was happening or not on the little island. It infuriates Me that the response is "deny, lie and cover-up" rather than "pro-active and focused effort." It reeks of cowardice rather than maturity and a desire to truly make things better.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Gil, for providing this information, and thank you to everyone for sending well wishes my way. I am the woman from Maryland who was attacked on March 31 this year. I have read several kind words over the internet, directed at me in my recovery, over the past weeks, and I have wanted to say thank you to all of the Puerto Ricans and others who have supported me, but I also wanted to remain anonymous, so this is my first response.

First, I am doing well and have in fact returned home. I was flown by helicopter to the hospital near San Juan and spent a week in the ICU there after receiving emergency surgery due to the excessive bleeding I sustained on my brain. I'm a student of medicine myself, and I can tell you that people can easily die or sustain permanent brain damage from the kinds of head injuries I had. I was incredibly lucky that my friend came looking for me when she did, that I was flown to the hospital so quickly, and that I have recovered as well as I have after the surgery. I am gradually returning to my normal life back at home.

Second, I want to address concerns that this incident may trigger in other tourists. Vieques is a beautiful island, and my friends and I had a great time there. We found the people we met on the island to be extremely warm, friendly, and welcoming. I would not discourage anyone from traveling there even after the experience I had. I would, however, advise tourists to stick to more populated beaches and avoid walking alone in quiet areas. My assault occurred on the trail near coconut beach, and it sounds like there are striking similarities to the assault that occurred the previous June. It is saddening that a proper investigation was not conducted at that time. Unfortunately, due to my head injuries, I have no memory of my assault whatsoever, so I have been unable to assist the police investigation, and there were no witnesses in this case. The police have been in contact with me over the past weeks and seem to be awaiting DNA results from a rape kit that was performed. There have not been any arrests, despite what some news articles stated. I have told the police that I would be willing to return if necessary to press charges should they identify someone, but I am not hopeful that they will, given my lack of memory. It would greatly sadden me to hear of a similar attack occurring to someone else. The island, as I said, is beautiful, and it feels very safe and comfortable in many ways. My assault occurred on a quiet trail, yes, but it was early afternoon, and we'd been told this trail was a safe way to the beach. Plenty of tourists walked the same pathway. So, while i don't want future tourists to be fearful on the island, i would advise them to take precautions, even when all appears well. Perhaps someone else will have a safer trip by reading this and knowing the things I did not.

Thank you again, to everyone who has sent well wishes and positive thoughts my way. I wish nothing but peace to everyone in Vieques.

GCSchmidt said...

I am so pleased to hear that you are recovering well! Maybe yours will be the last such incident for many years and I am thankful you still consider Vieques an interesting and engaging vacation spot. There are a huge amount of good people in Puerto Rico and it's sad that a handful tend to ruin it for all of Us.

Please take care of yourself and best wishes!

Anonymous said...

Many people have mentioned vacation rental break ins but no one has spoken of the name of the rental homes. I am considering the Ramp House near Esperanza and am concerned about the lack of security. Any information on this house or any of the other vacation rentals would be very helpful.

Anonymous said...

The monkey squad in vieques dont give a shi@ about you gringo racist, stay home , go to disney land . I dont want any of you bigots on my island. go to texas and get raped there.

GCSchmidt said...

Here's My response: You are a shit-for-brains, no-dick, closet dogfucker who's secret fantasy is to be anally raped by stud horses while simultaneously milking a bull with your mouth.

So why did I let your moronic comment be posted? So I could then mention that your momma actually LIVED your secret fantasy and you hate it for it, thus expressing such idiotic thoughts. Oh, and your dad? He's the dog you're afraid to fuck, concealing the eagerness that maybe he'll finally reveal himself to you one day as he fucks you to make up for all those missed birthdays.

You, scum-turd, have been psychologically read and served. Enjoy the reaming. I KNOW you will, fuckwad.

Lillith444 said...

Gil, thank you for doing what you do.
This narrative is disjointed and incomplete but I’ll do my best. I’m looking for help.

Two years ago, in Vieques, I was drugged and raped twice (2 rapists). The second rape injured me inside (still dealing with this). I was dropped off by the second rapist near what I believe was a police station, where I was kept overnight. In my drugged post-violence hysteria, I broke a sink in the restroom. I told them I had been raped. The next morning, they said I must pay a $20 fine. I didn’t understand why they wanted money. They let me call my father, back in the States. I told him I’d been raped and would he please pay this fine. He paid it. They let me go, wearing only a skimpy dress - no shoes, no underwear, no jewelry, no ID, no pocketbook, nothing. I walked for hours across the island, trying to find my way back to Esperanza, barefoot. I asked people for water; nobody would help. I finally got in the middle of the road and made someone (a man) stop and give me a ride to Esperanza. He wouldn’t take me to Esperanza; instead he drove down a dirt road and let me off. I found the shore and walked the shore to Esperanza.
That night I became semi-violent, out of my mind from the drugs and violence done to me. Muddled thoughts, memory blackouts. I needed help but could not articulate it, so I acted out in outlandish ways. People did not know how to help; what they saw was an outrageous gringa puta. I saw the first rapist and physically threatened him. Later, afraid he would kill me, I marched up and down the Malecón and residential streets, half naked, breaking beer bottles in the street. In my crazed fear, this was my way of getting the attention of somebody who would come to my aid, and letting the rapist know that he was dealing with a dangerous wild animal, that it wouldn’t be an easy kill. Next morning, I caused a scene at a restaurant in Esperanza, a hysterical cry for help. The police were called. I was thankful, even though the police had been no help to me so far. When the police arrived, I told an officer that I had been raped and would they please call an ambulance.

I had never wanted to get in an ambulance so badly. Lying on the gurney, voluntarily tied up, it was the best ride of my life. The ambulance took me to the hospital, where I believe I was for 2 days. I was unconscious most of the time; I have only foggy memories of my stay. I think I spent most of the time with the sheet pulled over my head. I needed to be covered up.

The doctor there told my friend that I needed a commitment order, or I would be taken to jail, for – misconduct? My friend, after contacting my family, obtained the order, and I was flown by helicopter to San Juan, where I spent 5 weeks (!) in the emergency room of a psychiatric hospital (my time there is another story). For the first couple of weeks I had post-trauma amnesia. One day, I remembered one of the rapes, then some of the memories returned. But not all.

Around January 5 of 2012, I made it back to Texas. Enough of my memory had returned and I intended to pursue legal action; I thought I was strong. But then my energy level plummeted . Post-trauma emotional hell set in. It became enough just existing. I put legal action on the back burner.

I’ve been trying to heal, the pain comes and goes. For a while I thought I was moving through the healing process, but now I don’t know. The pain returns with force and I am black and blue. Again. I have lower back/pelvic issues.

Now, 2 years later, I’ve concluded that the pain might not ever go away. I might as well speak and take whatever legal action I can. Who knows, it might help. Maybe not.

I am told that no observers in Vieques believe I was raped. They judged my behavior and decided that I asked for it all, that it was consensual. The police thought I was a gringa loca, another fucked up tourist. No need to file a report.

And then there’s my story.

How do I file a complaint against the Vieques Police Department?

GCSchmidt said...

I am sorry you had this experience. My first hope is that you receive the help you may need to recover as fully as you can.

I am not a lawyer, but I think you will need to collect what evidence you can about the attacks you suffered. This won't be easy, for it means reliving the incidents and facing up to possible witnesses or authorities. I suggest writing down everything you can remember (or record what you say to have it transcribed) and pinpoint what people or material evidence you can use to establish your case.

You will need legal help, so finding a lawyer willing to take your case is a priority. Suing a government agency is never an easy legal procedure, so finding a lawyer who will stick with the case is important.

You saw one of the rapists, so describing him in detail can help verify if he has a prior criminal record, if that person can be found in Vieques or wherever he might be. Since you were fined, there must be a file about it in the court system, and maybe you can request a copy of it (or a lawyer can.) The same with your hospital records.

You might benefit from support provided by organizations. If you want local information on what your next steps can be, try the Center for Rape Victim Assistance in San Juan. The numbers are (787) 765-2285 (during working hours Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 PM, (787) 474-2028 (outside of business hours, 7 days a week) or 1-800-981-5721.

In the States, you can try the National Helpline for Victims of Sexual Assault or Battery (National Sexual Assault Hotline) at (800) 656-HOPE: (800) 656 - 4673. The website is www.rainn.org

Though I may not be able to do much, you are welcome to ask me for more information. My direct e-mail address (which has been listed elsewhere on this blog) is gilATmerced-a,com.

I urge you to pursue this so long as it yields positive growth for you. You deserve justice and the people who hurt you should be penalized. Don't blame yourself for what happened. You are entitled to tell your story and to seek a legal resolution. But you also need to be aware that the common form of "defense" is to attack the victim, so be prepared to endure more disbelief and rejection. As much as you can, try not to go thorough this alone.

As you can see by the comments on this post, your experience is not singular. One or more men are raping in Vieques and practically nothing is being done to stop it or make them pay. It has to stop. I only wish the authorities in Vieques had shown the guts, brains and integrity to do so long ago.

Stay strong, And if you wish, stay in touch. I hope you can move forward quickly.

Unknown said...

vieques is and old school Spanish culture . you gringos with your half necked LA culture come here show no respect for our people , like you own us like were your slaves due to our dark skin , next time go to florida or that state in the pacific where they just love you pale faces don't return please the poor locals dont want you , they don't make millions from your visit. I have read more of this blog and a few of these people want to return after being robed and what not ,are you stupid people so addicted to sand and surf and wired dark people that you want to come back for more.they must come from dysfunctional homes . these women need to bring a strong man next time they go to these tropical places where there is crime every where in the world . INDIA for one its not 1 or 2 its 10 basterds .these rich shelterd people would not go into a usa getto these tropical places that you love, are harlem with palm trees take a knife fighting course .this is not your rich part of town where the local cops kill anybody that does not look rightwing or just stay home and swim in your pool .

Unknown said...


GCSchmidt said...

Luis, thank you for taking time from your busy schedule and reading The Jenius.

I dropped by your profile page and was moved by this comment you left on a video by noted salsa singer, India: "I moved to the states at 6 lost what little Spanish I had living in a small central Illinois town my uncle had a bar 39 ft from my bed and would listen to the music that Puerto rican beat stay with me all my life , I retire in a few months and return home at last"

It moved Me to laugh so hard I dropped a turd, turned around and said: "Hi, Luis!"

Your attempted remarks about Vieques, rape, crime, race and only your smegma-covered keyboard knows what else have reminded Me that allowing access to technology should only be limited to humans and higher primates. Just to clarify, as I note your limitations: you don't qualify.

Speaking of limitations, it would seem to Me that forgetting Spanish would leave plenty of space to learn English at something higher than a 2nd-grade level. Seems I was wrong, unless what passes for brain matter in your microcephaly is the size of a grape. I know I'm not wrong about that, now am I?

Pull your roommate's dick from your butt and sit down while I explain a few things to you. You paint Vieques, and by extension Puerto Rico, as a crime-infested, rape-happy hellhole. Fuck you, as you let your roommate do. People visit Puerto Rico to enjoy themselves, and if some of them have attitudes, so what? Ignorance and stupidity are universal, as you amply demonstrate.

No woman comes to Puerto Rico, or goes anywhere in the world, with the intention of being raped. That is only true in the sick imaginings of shit-for-brains assholes like you. And when a woman who has been raped expresses the notion that she would return to visit the same place, it isn't that she "wants it again," but that she is making a very clear distinction between the place and its people in general versus the animal that harmed her. Since to understand that takes the ability to think above the level of an animal, you again don't qualify.

As for My being queer, I presume you mean that as a gay slur, one you are proud to apply to yourself when your roommate gets horny. No, I am not gay, nor have I been raped. What does make Me queer to you is that I know how to spell, conjugate verbs, use proper punctuation and express Myself clearly, as opposed to your club-footed clod-hopping thumps on the aforementioned smegma-covered keyboard.

I have a suggestion: the next time your roommate is riding your ass like Roy rode Trigger, let your sloping forehead bump the keyboard repeatedly. The end result will be--I assure you, Luis--much more coherent. And while you're there, lick the keyboard clean, too. It's obvious your roommate doesn't want to do it and who the hell can blame him?


Anonymous said...

I found this blog while looking for up to date information on the drug related murders. While I was there in Jan. there whew two killings bringing the count to eighteen.
It seems to be a horrific situation and certainly seems to speak to the lawlessness you described in your work.
It is tragic that the people of Vieques do not have a government that they are able to trust.
I did see very visible police presence on the beaches during my visit. Is this indicative of any change?

Anonymous said...

Another poster asked for the name of the rental house which was "broken into". I am relctant to post the name the name of the house I stayed at because I don't want to negitivley effect the owners or the property mangers livelyhood. However I will urge all prospective renters to ask very direct questions about break ins and security measures. I will say that 5 houses in the neighborhood (in the hills above esperanza) were robbed on the same afternoon. I would guess that houses inside experanza are less like to be robbed because nieghbors are close by. When checking into the house look for signs of prior break ins, marks around doors, bent window, locks that don't match. Check the exterior lighting and all door locks keys in the preesnce of the house manger/estate agent. Question question question. Don't take for granted that you'll be safe.

GCSchmidt said...

I would be the last person to claim that anyplace in Puerto Rico is 100% safe. No place anywhere is. But that doesn't mean that I believe people should stop visiting My Island, and I agree with the Kind Reader who suggests you ask about possible problems in or around a place you will be staying in. That's simply being cautious and it should not be taken as an indictment.

Taking care of yourself, which includes identifying potential threats, is common sense. One should make it a habit, and keep on visiting and traveling to places you enjoy or think you will enjoy. Being smart is not the same as being critical.

Thanks for dropping by.

JayO said...

Gil: I just returned from a Vieques trip. I've been doing a ton of research on the island since I've been back and stumbled on to your blog. I'm curious to know your current opinion since your original post on this topic 2 years ago. Do you fell things have remained the same, better or worse? Many thanks in advance.

GCSchmidt said...

Jay, thanks for dropping by. I just replied to a young lady who wants to return to Vieques this August and wanted to know if I thought it was safe.

In a word: yes. Like I wrote to her, it isn't Disneyland, but all in all, from what I've learned, Vieques is as safe as many other Caribbean-area tourist destinations and in fact may be safer than most.

I would caution anyone, though, to be sensible whenever they travel. Here in JeniusTown (also known as Cabo Rojo), We get the big summer stampede to the beaches that makes July one of the higher Circles of Hell. Every year a few groups of overly-drunken people stagger around and One can't help but wonder how much danger they are exposing themselves to by being irresponsible. I'm not saying they deserve to be harmed or ripped off: only that in many cases, they can do much to avoid the risk.

Hope this helps, being as it is, an opinion. Well-informed, but still an opinion. Feel free to contact Me again and have fun!